Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Blue skys and fluffy white clouds

 Totally wanted this Evans Collection dress from the first moment I laid eyes on it, but £50 for a jersey dress? Naaaahhhh.... you know I like to wait for the sales! Joyously my sister had asked what I wanted for my birthday a week or so before I saw this in the Evans sale, so for £20 I thought this would be a perfect gift to request. Gawd bless her she had it sent straight to me!
 Some (hopefully!) helpful info about this dress; This is a size 22/24. I was totally expecting this to be that horrid shiny synthetic feel jersey (i.e like the stuff Simply Be use for their Anna Scholz Range) that clings to cellulite, but no, it's much more like a t-shirt fabric with a bit of stretch. It is very matte, but looks like it has a sheen because the print is on a white fabric. the print is in the best place for me, concealing my lumpy belly nicely!
The shape is not perfect for me, but totally wearable. Basically it's tight (as you would expect for a bodycon style) on the hips and belly, but it's unusually loose on the waist and top. This will be very good for busty ladies, you could easily size down to get a more fitted look!
 This is a proper midi length on me, a couple of inches below the knee, so it's perfect for taller girls. On average height or below this will be a long midi - mid-calf length.
 I don't normally like bodycon styles with belts, but this one works really well. If you want more shape definition a big belt makes it look like a top and skirt combo.
A thin belt just gives a hint of waist shape. I like this dress very much, it's ladylike but super cool. Such an amazing print!
By the Way, I'm wearing something else my sister gave me, which is this lovely lip tint from Lush. It's matte and the colour is very bright and intense. I love it. I didn't know that lush did makeup, I might have to investigate further!

Thank you for my lovely presents J!


  1. Love this on you, i bought it but it just didn't work on my short body, the pattern was too far down.x

  2. That dress is perfect on you, so pretty!

  3. I love the dress with the wide belt. It looks beaut! x x

  4. I've been thinking about this for ages, but seeing it on you makes me know I need it in my life. To Evans!

  5. I spotted that dress from Danies blog post a while ago and I too was like I need that! It looks really nice on you! Happy New Year lovely x

  6. Looks immense on you babe, cant wait to get my hands on it..been waiting for the sale like you! x x

  7. Thank you ladies, I loved this the moment I set eyes on it, I knew we were meant to be together! xx