Saturday, 29 November 2014

Returns mostly

I don't think I'd ordered from Asos in ages prior to this batch. Everything I like from the curve range seems to be mega expensive. I have to say that if I'm willing to spend over £100 on a dress then Asos is probably no the place I would look too. I've never had anything from them that feels like good enough quality to be so expensive! I therefore have a massive wish list of expensive things when all I really want from them is affordable fast fashion! Anyway, I decided to try some possible Christmas dress options while they had a discount code. Huuuummmmmm......

 I suspected that this would be too short for me, but I figured I'd try it out anyway! I actually wanted the chichi london midi dress for my Christmas party, but I couldn't fit my arms in it so I couldn't try it on properly and there are therefore no pictures of it. Very sad about that, ut I've orderd a version with no sleeves to see how that fits! Anyway, back to this one.....
 It's not a great shape on my boobs, but this size 24 is a decent size. Basically this would be great on a small busted shorter plus size woman. It's so girly and cute - totally perfect For Christmas, just not perfect for my body!

I've never tried paper dolls before so I ordered a size 24 in this dress. I needn't have, a 22 would have been a better fit. I'm actually really sad about this dress. I really like it in many ways, but the fabric (I don't know what it is really... like a cross between jersey and scuba?!) is just so unflattering! You can just see every lump and bump (clearly!) and it ruins the lines of the dress for me. IF this has been a less shiny fabric I would have sized down and kept it because I felt very fancy in it.
 It's quite long, but would look great with heels. It's quite generous on the bust which is good. The detailing on the bust and waist is firm, but still has a bit of give, the rest of the dress is super stretchy.
 I don't know.... maybe shapewear would make this a good dress for me, but as I don't have a strapless bra it's probably best that it doesn't suit me!

 So gutted about this one. Firstly the size 24 is WELL small. Very tight on my norks and bum, so it is quite uncomfortable. It's a tiny bit stretchy but not much, it's a good smart fabric, but the proportions are a bit off on me.
 The other thing I was a bit sad about is the fact that the flap is a very nude pink. It looks more pink in the pictures on line and I think it would be much nicer if it were like that in real life.
 I'm not too sure the step hem works when I've got tights on!
 You can actually see the zip straining!
 I think I might try this again in a size 26 one day, to see if the more comfortable fit makes it better, because it's so unusual that I kind of love it.

 Stupid Parsnip. When will you learn! These trousers were so massive on the model that I thought for a less oversized fit I should order a 22. Dick head! God knows what size the not-at-all plus size model is wearing but they must be about 4 sizes too big.
 SO I needed a size 24, but to be honest I was annoyed by the colour - these look totally different online. They're described as Khaki but they're a very pale sage green. A nice enough colour, but a bit pale for what I wanted.
 They're a shell fabric, so they are static and clingy and with no stretch I'm fairly sure they'd be ruined after a days wear - the seems couldn't cope with my thighs when sitting!
I decided not to get them in a bigger size because of the colour and fabric. Shame though as I like the cut!
 So I did get something that I liked and kept! I had to have these boots, obviously!
Shiny. Chunky, but not platform or flatform (which I find less chunky, more clunky!) but a nice thick sole with good grips.
I had to get a size 8 as these are Asos own brand. They're a nice fit for my wide little feet!

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I have tried SO MANY coats on recently. All of which have been a mega disappointment in terms of how they fit me.... or how they don't fit me to be precise! My arse is too big for the coats that are currently fashionable (the cocoon styles) and I've been struggling to find one that fits both my top and bottom halves properly. It's always one or the other! I got so frustrated that I actually looked at Evans (which I don't normally do if I'm honest!) and lo and behold, they had some coats that I actually liked! Many of them were described as 'swing' coats, which is a dream come true to those of us with big bottoms and hips! I work near the Marble Arch Evans flagship store, so I wandered over after work to try some on.
 I really wasn't impressed with the selection they had in store. It felt like a sea of padded and parka coats and just a couple of more stylish ones. that's why I only managed to pick up 2 coats to try. The first one was a damn disaster. This is (and I'm quoting) and 'swing' coat. In size 24. LOOK HOW TIGHT IT IS! This is not in anyway a plus size swing coat. I've had swing coats, I know what the cut is like. This is not a swing coat. I'm sure it's a nice coat when it actually fits properly, but I wouldn't know because they didn't have a size 26 that I could compare it to! Bollocks basically. My hopes for the second coat were not at all high!
 Well now that is much better! Size 24 and a great comfy fit. This is also described as a swing coat, and again, it's not swing as I know it, but it's a good fit for a big bottom and bust without having massive wide shoulders. I was very impressed with the fit of this.....
... I think it's classic and cute, so I bought it! This is the first (Evans own brand) piece of Evans clothing I've bought in years, and I got 30% off with a deal they had so it cost £40. I've never had a Navy coat before and I really do like it very much!

You can get this coat in a variety of colours and I really recommend it. It's the perfect thickness for current weather and will take me through until it's cold enough for faux fur / quilted coats!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

Late again!

Same outfit as last week, but with a different necklace!
Love this dress man.
I love this necklace, partly because it's so pretty and sparkly, but also because it only cost £5!
Dress 24 - Anna Scholz black label
Boots - Simply Be
Necklace - Primark

 I fancied wearing this cute skirt again. 
I obviously had to make it more layered but I don't have many little jumpers to match this so I just wore a cardi instead!
I like to over-do things, so this entire outfit is blue, even if it looks black!
Cardi 20 - Primark
Skirt 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings 20 - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Asos

Ahhh the festive season really has begun, Costa Black Forest hot Chocolate.
Sometimes in life you have to be brave. For women with massive belly's that have been told that they must always try to hide said belly's, getting them out can be very nerve wracking.....
..... but guess what, I wore my high-waisted jeans with a short shirt and no one cared. No one commented. It's all good!
I love these jeans, I wish asos would make the same style in other colours!
Shirt 24 - George
Jeans 22 - Asos Curve
Boots - Asos

I bought this dress a while back from ebay -  I wanted it from Asos Curve when it was originally on the site, but I left it too late and then missed my size!
I really wanted to wear it, but it's very much a summer dress, so I had to winter-it up a bit!
Shame I didn't think to winter-up my shoes, my feet were so cold when I was out and about!
This print reminds me of 80's vintage prints. Ace patterns and bright colours!
I'm wearing my Kate Moss / Rimmel Lasting finish Matte lipstick in 110. Not particularly lasting and a little bit drying for my liking, but a great color. Very vivid coral-ish red.
Dress 24 - Asos Curve via ebay
Leggings & cardi 20 - Primark
Shoes - H&M
I nipped to Ikea to get some bits and pieces after work, and came home with a sensible amount of fabulous Christmas tree decorations!

I was working with Children on Friday, and I veer towards bright and noticeable colours on these occasions. It helps minimise the amount of yelling and banging on table to get their attention!
I wore my new 'vivid mandarin' maybelline lippy (from my last lipstick post) for the first time.....
Love it!
Once of the school girls told me my dress was nice, so I know I looked fly(!).
Dress 26 (modified - collar removed!) - Lovedrobe
Belt - old, from another dress!
Cardi 20 - Primark
Leggings 20 - South / Very
Shoes - Asos

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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Let me tell you a story. At the tender age of 13 (back in the days when my parents were still buying my clothes) a Faith shoes outlet store opened near my home town. All the cool girls had shoes from Shelly's or Faith. Clarks was for losers and that's where my mum made me buy my shoes! By the time I was in comprehensive school I could pursued my folks to buy me cool shoes because they were cheap and cheerful. On one of our trips to the outlet village I found some black leather boots with thick rubber soles and low, chunky curved silver heels. I don't think I've ever loved footwear the way I loved those boots, but they betrayed me. The bottom of the heel kept falling off. Nothing could get them to stay on.... not pins, not superglue, nothing. So they were exchanged.  Then it happened again. Exchanged.  Happened again.  My dad was quite rightly sick of my boots by that point and they were returned for a refund and I never saw them again. I never got over it, I've thought about those boots on and off ever since! All I wanted in life was a pair of comfy leather boots with metallic heels!

20 years later....

I was having a browse on the Taking Shape website recently, when i saw something that made my heart skip a beat..... some boots with metallic heels. Not in itself an unusual product but when I expand on what they actually are you might understand my excitement; they're black leather ankle boots that are wide on the foot, large around the ankle and the metallic heel was an entirely sensible height in a Cuban block shape. Proper plus size boots in other words!

I had to have them

They're not cheap at £99, but neither am I when it comes to something that excites me this much. I waited for a discount code and ordered them in a size 7, keeping my fingers crossed that their sizing was accurate.....

Oh wow these are lovely boots. Perfect sizing, soft and supple leather, totally comfortable heel height and extremely well padded on the inside. I think these are going to become my favorite boots in no time!

It's hard to photograph the heel. It's like a pewter colour and it's very shiny and reflective, but not so bright that they're too flashy. Love love love!

They have a good rubbery sole with decent grips. I'm glad of this because as much as I love my Asos black shoes boots, they're a bit dodgy in the rain! Hopefully these will keep me upright!

The boots themselves are really lovely and curvy. They have a sculptural feel about them and do up with a flap that wraps across the foot. It adheres with a posh version of velcro! the back of the boot has an elasticated section for extra comfort and to allow for a larger ankle. 

These are the perfect smart boots for girls like me with wide feet and big ankles. They would fit bigger ankles than mine easily even when completely done up, but the wrap front means you could just wear them looser if you have very big ankles. These are such quality boots, totally worth the price tag and I thoroughly recommend them. Using the website was easy, the delivery was quick and efficient and everything was very well packaged. I've bought from the Taking Shape Kingston store, and the company have very kindly sent me items to review in the past, but this was the first time I have ordered from them online. I'm so impressed with the service!

I'll have to keep a closer eye on the Taking Shape footwear section from now on!