Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Another batch of ASOS (and some)

I'll keep this short and sweet lovely ladies....
I always wanted to try this dress. If it had been t-shirt material to match the boxy t-shirt shape I'd probably have liked it, as then it would have stretched to accommodate my bum and would have been more comfortable. This is a shell like material, and I found it really restrictive even though I sized up to a 24. It's cute, but it's tight on all the areas I don't want tightness (bum, belly & arms!). Maybe if it stays in the sale for a while I'll just get the 26 and wear it oversized?! I do adore the colour & print so it might be worth it!
This top is from the standard ASOS range (size 18). I saw the print and thought I might be able to get into a size 18 because of the shape. I was right, it's massive! I accepted that the neck wouldn't work on me (it chokes me in fact!) but....
.... as I don't much like the way the seam runs right down the centre I have plans to change it up, into a bandeau or one shoulder top.... I thought it would look cool tucked into my Domino Dollhouse pencil skirt with galaxy print pockets so I'm keeping it.

I've finally got this cute hair brooch too. Will show you it when I wear it!

I wasn't sure about this dress at first, because I felt shitty yesterday and thought it looked a bit frumpy (I know the shoes don't help!). This a size 22. I'd say it's true to size, but the arms are strangely long - I really don't mind that at all, I'm always over the moon to find any dresses with full length sleeves! What else? the waist is quite high and the skirt is very gathered. It looks rubbish with a belt (on me anyway!) so I think it needs to be worn as it comes, nice and simple. My camera flahs makes it look at little bit paler than it actually is btw.
When I looked at the pictures I started to like it. It's so very summery and quaint. It is also (unlike the last 'jersey midi' dress I ordered from curve!) soft stretchy jersey and is a good midi length. I'll probably wear it this week... with appropriate shoes and a better attitude!
The print is described as 'pixulated floral' but that's a crap description. It's not pixulated at all, I think this is more like tapestry.... up close it really is a lovely original print. Reminds me of old carpet bags and curtains, but it's soft and flowing.
I got bored waiting for my bus last night so I wondered into H&M and wandered out with this vest top, a holographic glasses case and a little holographic bag (which matches my daps!).

As per usual I can't find any of this stuff on the H&M website so I can't give you links, but I was rather chuffed with my goodies! 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Dorothy Perkins denim attack

A few salient points to make before we go on. 
  1. All of the jeans and jeggings I own are from Dorothy Perkins.
  2. I am normally a size 22 in stretchy trousers, but sometimes have to go up to a 24 if the bum / thigh area is tight... I have a big round bottom so trousers can be tricky customers!
  3. This parcel was so heavy that I knew I couldn't drag it home so I had to take these pics at work, sorry they're so crap!
  4. I also apologise for some major camel-toe, I always get this before the denim loosens up!
  5. All of the jeans below are from Dorothy Perkins, and they're all size 22.
  6. I am obviously going to be honest if the jeans are shit, but the one thing Dorothy Perkins does better than any other retailers that go up to size 22 (in my experience) is ankles. Their jeggings and skinny jeans are always nice and fitted on the ankle even at the bigger end of the range. Everywhere else I've tried always make ankles too big, as if my massive thighs mean I've got elephant ankles!

First up, Black Eden capri jeggings. I have noticed DP jeggings changing over the last year or so. They are definitely not as generous in the bottom area anymore. These will certainly stretch out a bit though so I'm not really worried. I love these, and what a prefect length!
These Eden ultra soft jeggings are a really nice plain dark bright blue. For some reason they're tighter than the other pull on jeggings, and quite a bit longer. They're also the colour I wanted most so I'm going to try them on again at home and work out whether to keep them or not! I could probably do with a long pair as all my others are ankle-biters!
Eden mid-wash jeggings are so soft and comfy, fit really well too. Not sure the in-between colour is for me, but I'm thinking about them 'cause they're so easy to wear!
Couldn't get these studded superskinnies over my bum, let alone do them up! Super skinny because they're a size smaller than usual?! Very small on the ankle though for you girls who want a spray-on look!
I didn't think I'd go for theses Eden bleach washed jeggings, but I've fallen in love with them. I haven't had jeans this pale for years, I'm excited!
I think bum-wise these are the best fitting of the lot. Soooo comfy too!
Errr.... these mid washed 'HIGH WAIST' jeggings are the smallest and most hipster style of the batch! High waist my ass (which as you can see is hanging out of them for everyone to see!). Nope. Sorry DP, these are crap!

All in all that's not too bad going.... there is a possibility that I'll end up with 3 pairs of jeans from this order. Even if i'm strict with myself I'll still end up with 2 pairs, and that's pretty good going for a body shape so unfriendly to jeans!


Sunday, 28 April 2013


 Hey Y'all! Another night out, another yummy outfit!
I wore my delicious Asos Curve bodycon dress, still available here (get your regular size!) and dressed it down a bit with a white cardi (from Primark - as always!) and my iridescent moulded crocs (similar here).
 My Giant candy clutch bag (Maison Martin Margiela for H&H - sold out but turns up on ebay!) got a ridiculous amount of attention last night. Brixton is a place where skin-tight catsuits in dollar bill prints, crazy hair and earrings the size of my face are quite standard attire, so I find it amusing that so many people were fascinated by my shiny silver bag! Anyway, my point is that if you want something to break the ice with when your out, get one of these, because it seems to mesmerise both men and women and they will ask you about it!

I really think that bright blue eye makeup makes brown eyes pop, so rather than going for a neon coral lip ink to match the coral in the dress, I went for smoky electric blue eyes instead.

 This is an old pot of collection 2000 eye shadow, but I know Barry M does one that's pretty much identical called 'electric blue'.
 Today involved a trip to Herne Hill market to munch on some yummy things so I went casual.
This is the t-shirt from the Lichtenstein exhibition (available here). This is the biggest size (large) and is quite wide, but sadly a bit short so I'm wearing a vest underneath to stop my belly escaping!
Moustache hoop earrings from Asos, cardi from primark, jeans from Dorothy Perkins and Daps from H&M.
 I bought the Bourjois intuitive liner to try out. To be honest I don't find it intuitive at all! I consider myself to be quite good with liquid liner, and I've tried many types, but this one is a pain in the bum! The idea is that you put little dots along your eyeline to make your lashes look longer, but the sensation of dotting along my eyelid makes me blink which is a disaster when it comes to liner, and I think it looks crap anyway! Having said that I think it's quite effective on the lower lash line, but it needs smudging otherwise it looks like a damn mess.

 Anyway, in all honesty I didn't want it for dotting, I wanted to see if I could make interesting flicks out of it. It's just about possible, but I will need to practice - particularly as one eye worked straight away, but the other took about 10 attempts!. Frankly it might be easier to just paint 3 separate lines on with my regular liner!
 The best part of the day was finding some Sicilian olives at the market - sorry, that's a lie, the best part was the slice of Chocolate and Guinness cake I got from 'cake love'.... oh my feckin' god it blew my mind, even my boyfriend went gooey over it! Anyway... I've been trying to buy these olives for ages but I've never found a stockist until today. They're the best olives I've ever had, so fresh and delicate compared the the usual suspects, drowning in oil and saltier than sea water! I'm also looking forward to trying this 'custard apple' after dinner!

Right, I'm off to make some dinner and dye my hair (you can probably see the white taking over again!) but I've got loads of clothes on order at the moment, some of which I'm SO excited to try on and review so I should be back soon with Dorothy Perkins jeans, Asos dresses / tops, Anna Scholz for Simply be & Domino Dollhouse. Greedy bitch!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Pink friday

I wore my wellies to work this morning, but happily got to change into my pumps by lunchtime!
I think that not wearing any colour for the last few days made me want to dress colourfully today, and hot pink was the theme (forgot to take my red nail varnish of unfortunately!)

I just cannot tell you how much I LOVE my new tinted balms, and I can't believe they're only £2.50 each (or 2 for £3 from Superdrug at the moment!) Soooo gonna get some more colours! They have a lighter shade in the centre which makes lips look plumper, but they're comfy and taste / smell delicious. I'm wearing 'Applelicious Pink' today.

Cardi - Dorothy perkins 
Dress - Anna Scholz
Leggings - H&M (standard range size XL)
Shoes - Gap
(Glow in the dark) Wellies - Primark, similar here

So glad I finally got to wear this amazing dress! It's so really comfy and feels delicious on. At the risk of sounding like a girly girl, one of the best things was that this dress went down very well with the boyfriend, he loves me in it and likes the silkyness of the double silk (oh-er!). Winner! FYI, this is stretchy, and is above the knee on me. I'm wearing my normal size 22.
A close-up of my makeup. I loved this look, but sadly it had creased up and was ruined by lunchtime... not impressed with your eyeshadow Sleek! Such a shame because it's a great colour. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Queen bitch

Another lovely day for an early morning view! 
I adore David Bowie, so I was excited about this exhibition - thank goodness for work or I'd never have got to see it! To be honest I found the interactive elements highly annoying because it often meant that I couldn't see the costumes properly, but overall it's a great exhibition if your a Bowie fan.
I always imagined Bowie to be extremely tall (I guess because he was so very thin) but nope, he is not the giant I'd imagined! 
I wore my per una dress & New look black mac
Tried to dress it down with some little black pumps
The shoes and sunnies are from Primark.
I love the costumes, but I think seeing the original album art work / photographs & contact sheets were my favorite part of the exhibition.
I enjoyed a drink (and muffin, of course!) in the V&A garden cafe with a colleague afterwards and enjoyed a bit of sunshine before heading back to work. 

It's been a lovely day so far!

BTW I wasn't impressed by the merchandise to be honest, I think they really missed a trick there, Bowie related clothes / accessories could have been amazing. They seem to be a bit better stocked online though, so visit the V&A online shop here if you want some Bowie goodies!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ootd, a juicy pear

A nice plain dress for me today. I love this asos curve dress now, but be warned, it's a bit see-through!
Dress - ASOS curve
Necklace & hair chain - Primark
Leggings - H&M (standard range size XL)
Broughes - thrifted

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top-tastic Primark haul!

I have a number of highly patterned trousers & skirts, and I find it really difficult to match them with tops. Finding (relatively) plain tops that cover my belly is tricky, but I went nuts in Primark on Friday and got some great bits & pieces, all size 20......
 Love this little star print top! £5.
 Shell top (worn backwards, 'cause I'm a bit backwards!). £6.
 I do plan to wear a vest under this (or at least black underwear!). £8.
 I tried the New Look inspire victoriana top like this (£17) below.....

..... and the size 24 was slightly smaller than this primark size 20. You can see that the neck is identical, but the Primark one is stretchy all over unlike the new look version. Primark also does this in navy which I sort of preferred, but I have more blue tops than white so I thought this would be more sensible. Winner! £8!

 Love these stretch cowboy tops, so comfy and a great length for trousers / skirts. on sale for £3 each!
 I've been trying to get a bowie t-shirt for fucking years! Didn't want a shapeless mens t-shirt, but couldn't get a women's one that fitted me. FOUND ONE TODAY! I love Primani! £8!
 Lovely plain blue t-shirt (£3.50) and pop art skirt (£8). The skirt is actually pretty big, I would have got the 18 if I'd realised. Could easily stretch to a size 26 I reckon (I think it will be baggy on my size 24 ass after a few hours wear!)
I love hair accessories at the moment! this cute little headband was £2 I think. Love it!

I wore one of my new tops yesterday.
If your ever wondering why I take my own pictures in my bedroom with a timer, it's because my boyfriend is totally useless with a camera - they confuse him for some reason. This is what I wore to the BBQ yesterday, and this is his first pic (fingers in-front of the flash).

This is the one where he took so long to take the picture that I had started leaning against the wall for support....
... we got there in the end!

Cardi & top - Primark (old cardi, top still in stores)
Jeans (about to fall apart sadly) - Dorothy perkins (similar here)
Shoes - Tracey Neuls (new mesh version available here)
Moustache earrings - ASOS (sold out)


Thats it guys! Crazy that I find more clothes in Primark than in stores that are supposed to do my size, but with such cheap prices I'm not going to complain!