Sunday, 5 June 2022

Absence makes the heart grow fonder..... right?!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted! It's been all go! Honestly though I was shocked that a) I've not posted for 6 months and b) I've got a christmas post that I never actually posted! I'm gonna throw that up in a bit but anyway..... news!

My partner proposed in January, the day after my 40th Birthday! I chose this beautiful little (and therefore extremely wearable!) Ring from Glamira. It's rose gold with a central diamond and black diamond accents. 

I love it and I deliberately hunted for this shape (suits my short and chubby fingers!) In a setting that doesn't have any teeth and lies flat, because I don't want to have to take it off for work when I'm wearing gloves. I also didn't want him spending a fortune frankly!

Love dorks! So that's the big news! Our Wedding is in September and I probably won't be posting much in the meantime because I'm not buying many clothes at the moment. Trust me I'll be back with all the wedding pics and the many outfits I have for the numerous events! In the meantime, here are some snaps from the last 6 months!

How about a date night dressed as a Victorian Ghost?! 

My white hairs are finally reaching the lengths! Not long now until all the dyed hair is gone forever..... thank gawd!

We went to Warner Brothers Studio and it was fucking brilliant!

I'm more obsessed with perfume at the moment than I am with clothes. Bottles take up less space!

Still dressing in lots of Shien stuff!

Getting back out into the world (mainly for food!)

My 40th was so amazing! Cocktails and karaoke and dimsum! My Sister came down to London for the night which is a very rare treat!

Going out for Sunday Roasts again (I missed doing this sooooo much!) And hanging out with my beloved friend... 
And spending some time in my sisters hot tub! Noticed that my sister got a tattoo to match mine?! I designed this for us yonks ago but she just got round to getting hers.
Nephew times!

That's it for now. I'll post up the Christmas post now..... in June. Sorry about that!

That festive feeling

Let's be honest. Covid is still raging and there's not much going on. I went to one event this Christmas and I was pretty nervous about it to be honest. Apart from that everything has been cancelled! So I've just been going about my business.

Still dressing up a bit, obviously!

I started wearing silk masks some time ago. I felt so bad wearing disposable ones, but I just cannot breath in fabric masks. I get anxious and start to panic because I feel like I'm being suffocated. I tried lots (have quite a few now useless fabric masks that I will donate after Christmas!). I did some research and apparently silk is a fabulous fabric to keep the nasties out. Plus it's lightweight and breathable. I love love love my silk masks. My face has been far less irritated too! If you have a small want a lightweight mask then this one is perfect (search amazon for mulberry silk masks and you'll find them, reduced to around a fiver nowadays!).

A dress from the Shein mega sale. I think it cost me around £7 and it love it with a burning passion!

Here it is in the daytime (without suitable underwear!). Stretch velvet stripes in teal.... mt absolute favourite colour! Don't believe me? Wanna see my new sheets?!

My joint christmas and birthday present to myself. 19 momme silk sheets from lilysilk. I already had the matching lilysilk pillowcases, and I just thought fuck it! I want a super king quilt and I want it to be in a silk cover. I'm about to turn 40 and comfort and pleasure is all I really want nowadays. The sheets really are sublime! Expensive, but sublime! Ps, lilysilk have a great rewards points system, so the sensible thing to do is buy your most expensive purchase first, then use the point towards the smaller things, so get the duvet in one order, then use the points to buy your pillowcases!

Anyway.... I really have digressed!

We went to see Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker. Camper than Christmas. Just an excuse for me to listen to Tchaikovsky's suite which is just my absolute favourite! So I had to get dressed up to go to the ballet, right?!

Perfect outfit I think!

Plus Shein earrings to turn that Christmas sparkle up to max!

We didn't get to go out and do anything Christmassy last year, so this one little outing felt so special! As did wondering around London a bit. I do so love this time of year, even if that days are often relentlessly grey!

We had our couples christmas before I went west the next day, and I cooked a feast, so less glamour, more modern Mrs Clause 😂

Just a quick detour..... I couldn't be without red lippy in December, but I'm still wearing a mask sporadically throughout the day and liquid lipstick is not something I can wear often because my lips despise it generally. My glossier generation G blotted lippy isn't too bad under a mask, but I just wanted bright red lips. It occurred to me that around 15 years ago I only really used to wear lip ink. Pixi used to make an incredible lip ink pen that was bright scarlett and I wore it all the time. It was very trendy back in the day so lot's of companies jumped on the bandwagon and I had lots of colours. I guess they went out of fashion so I could never replace the ones that ran out or went off, and to be fair by that point matte lipstick had hit the shelves. But bullet lipsticks are no good with a mask so I sent on a hunt for lip stain pens. Stargazer for the win! The colours don't match the ink but just assume the lippy is at least 3 shades darker than you'd imagine!

Back to the Faux Christmas!

So here is the feast! Roast duck. Shredded brussels fried in butter. Parsnips roasted in maldon salt and cracked black pepper. Carrots roasted in honey and clementine zest & juice. Red cabbage stewed with apple and cranberries (plus cinnamon and red wine vinegar!). Duck fat roast potatoes. Pigs in blankets (only bit i didn't make myself). Red wine gravy and my favourite homemade stuffing. I'm gonna tell you what's in it because I love it so much and I've been making it for so many years!

Fry some Pancetta until crispy then put it in a bowl. Use the hot fat to fry some fresh sage until crisp, then put that in the bowl too. Fry up some onion until soft and add that to the bowl too. Grate or finely chop some sharp apple and chuck that in. Salt. Fine pepper. Lots of sausage meat. And then the magical ingredient! Panettone! Blitz traditional (the one with candied fruits) Panettone in a food processor until you have breadcrumbs. Mix it all together with your hands and then pack into a lined loaf tin to bake. That way you can slice it like a meatloaf to go in sandwiches!

Then I headed to my family for Christmas and it was a big deal this year for so many reasons. My mother was ill again. My uncle (her brother) was also ill and has since passed. My Grandmother passed away and I couldn't go to her funeral or see my Dad. 2021 - and to be honest a fair bit of 2022) was a clusterfuck, so it felt very important to be with our families this year! But anyway, I managed it so here are some photos from the Parsnips Family Christmas! Pretty much everything I wore came from Shien and isn't available anymore, but I highly reccomend them just generally!

My Mum was EXTRA this year!

I think it's a tradition now and we will always spend New year's eve together playing top trumps and getting drunk, even without pandemic panic!

Already a bit jolly by this point!
I got this dress from boohoo more than a year ago (in the sales for like £25!) but they do seem to re-release it every winter. It came in Rose Gold (this one!), Gold..... more champagne really, and Black

It was messy, and funny!

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Shein obscene

I can't believe I've not posted for so long! This year really has flown by. I've just been getting on with life and enjoying classic activities like meals out and trips to the cinema! Things not to be taken for granted after 2020 times. I've also been buying stuff. So much stuff that I'm also having to sell old stuff to make up for all the new stuff!

I discovered Shein. Disaster! They have too much good stuff. It's cheap, fast fashion, but I couldn't resist trying some bits and when I realised that they sold some really cool stuff I got a bit.... hooked! I feel like my mad shein obsession has finally calmed down, but I've kept some stuff that I'm genuinely in to and wanted to share. 

So.... they go to 5xl (uk26) in some pieces but generally 4xl is the biggest size. Happily the reviews are super helpful so you can normally work out what size to get. It comes from China and it's generally quite cheap, but more so because things are always on sale and there are constant discount codes floating around. Not the fanciest fabrics but not everyone can afford fancy fabrics.

I just managed to get some cute stuff that is amazingly hard to get in plus size elsewhere. Like good belts for instance, or affordable lingerie that isn't just bra and pants or a bodysuit.... i have baby dolls now and alllll sorts. I'm obsessed with thier soft lace teddies!

So anyway, here are a few things I've bought and kept. If they've sold out, I'd bet you that they have other super similar items available. I apologise in advance if you also get obsessed with Shein!

I'm not going to lie. I have no idea when I'd wear this, but I am so in love with it that I had to have it! I can't believe I own such a cool dress! Living my best Arabian nights dreams in this!

Fully obsessed and in love with this dress. So wearable! 

Nurse? School summer dress? Just feckin' excellent?! Love. It!

Cute isn't it?! Pretty pretty pretty! This comes in 3 colours. I went for the yellow because I don’t have many yellow dresses, but I love the blue and pink too. Very synthetic fabric that’s a tad sheer, but I care not!

POW! Toying with the idea of sewing up the neck a bit, just because sitting down would probably mean an insane amount of cleavage. But I like insane amounts of cleavage so…… we shall see!

Sometimes you want a selkie puff dress. But most of the time you can't afford over £200 for a dress you'll only wear a few times. Bam!

This is so wearable that I've worn it a number of times already. Comfy and so cute! This is now available in numerous colours and I’m sooooo tempted to get more. It’s very comfy and is also super flattering!

I'm still on that cottagecore tip! Loving the porcelain colour scheme. Anyone who knows this blog probably knows how much I love teal.

I love a long sleeved blouse. Planning to order some more to try as they're so handy for work! This is so soft and comfy. Worn to work and just love it!

I added a hook and eye at the top to close up the coat and keep my neck warm (and I changed the button because I didn't like the gold one it came with) but otherwise, this lightweight fury coat is fecking dreamy!

I have some other bits that are exceptionally special, but they’re being save for special occasions so I’m not going to show you yet! You’ll see some stuff in my festive season post after the new year, but for now, I’ll give you a little list of some of my favourite lingerie because there is soooooo much on the site that it can be overwhelming!

So firstly, I’m gonna mention this bra because I have some very low cut, square neck dresses that I’ve really struggled to get a bra for, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking for a true balcony bra (one where the straps are right on the sides on your boobs (which seems easy if you’re a standard size!) and finally I found one! My boobs are burgeoning out of it but that’s exactly what I needed - lift without the bra showing. Very tricky for a back my size to find straps this far round, which always makes square necks a right pain in the arse!

I have a few of these now. They’re the softest lace and fit like a dream. So comfy! I used to buy super soft lace knickers from m&s that are the exact same lace as these teddies. Absolutely love them!

I sometimes don’t want to wear underwire when at home, but I find that most bralets ride up or fold over and don’t support my tits anyway. I really like the love sets from shein. They are so comfy.

I just like how unusual this one is. I felt so sexy in it that I wore it the same night it arrived. It had a good effect on my significant other!

I have been looking for vintage style plus size lingerie for YEARS! I almost ordered some from a little emo site in America.last year, but the custom charges put me off. Then I found Shein and they have awesome vintage style undies and nighties…. Proper pinup cuteness and period drama nightdresses! I’m saving this set for Valentine’s Day, since it’s pink with hearts on. So effing cute!

What an absolute cracker! I’ve got the turquoises one but it’s sold out. I didn’t see this colour but I might have to have this one too. It’s so soft and pretty! Sera stretchy and would easily fit size 28 and 30!