Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday

Pah to the cold grey weather! The boyf' and I didn't get dressed until after 6pm, which is outrageous, but felt so so good today!
Today is a day for music, comedy and good food (which means I'm cooking!) so I fancied getting a bit girly!
The chicken is in the oven, and I'm about to get peeling. Nothing better than a roast on a Sunday!
This is one of my Queen of Holloway dresses. It has Parisian scenes all over it! The shoes and cardi are both from Primark.
So cute right?!
I had to do quite a lot of customisation on this particular dress (I've not had that problem with any of the other QOH dresses I have btw), as I couldn't do it up over my norks when it arrived, and I really couldn't part with it because I love the print so much! Basically I turned it back to front and expanded the bust using the lining. It was a very untidy job but it seems to have worked. It's now extremely low-cut but I don't mind!
I'm wearing my old lancom juicy crayon today - I'd forgotten how delicious they are! Don't often wear pale pink lippy but this one is so sheer that I love it.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Aztec Cowgirl

Low key Diva Friday admittedly, but to be honest the only reason I got dressed today was because I had to go and get some groceries!
Anyway, today felt like a denim day, but I didn't want to wear jeans, so here is the result...
I did that thing today where I washed my hair and then sat on my bed with a towel on my head until my hair was half dry. Therefore my fringe has parted in the middle and I look a bit odd!
I used a tinted moisturiser this morning because I couldn't be arsed with my normal routine.....

I now realise that it is too pale for me. Oh well, the flash sure does show all the bad stuff, but it's good to know!
Spread 'em!
Being realistic, I'm not going to keep the shirt done up today, because all I have planned is making a casserole followed by syrup sponge pudding, then eating it with my beloved while watching Eddie Murphy 'Raw' and choking with laughter.
So then, outfit details... The shirt is vintage - I'm selling something similar in my new permanent blog shop here!. The skirt and leggings are from Primark, and the boots are from Crocs, still available here (for half what I paid for 'em!) but only in a couple of sizes. Similar style here.

Just to finish up, I got some mega bargains from Primark (Marble Arch) yesterday. Work had the afternoon off so I wandered up to Primani on the way home to get another body (as I said in my previous post about the fringed body, they're excellent and I knew I had to have more than one!). Happily for me I got some real bargains! The body was on sale for £3! Happy Cass. I also got this super cute cardi reduced to £5, which has a kissing flamingo print on it. Chuffed because I've wanted a beige cardi with long sleeves for ages. The pink (glow-in-dark!) wellies were also reduced to £5. I always wanted some of the original Melissa ones (that these are copied from), but I've never spent more than a tenner on wellies in my life and I don't intend to start any time soon. I really recommend these to girls with massive calves like me, they are very generous round the ankle! The best thing though was the glitter jelly wedges. I saw these the last time I was in Primark but they only had small sizes and I was heart broken. Thank goodness they re-stocked because I love them! There is a very strong possibility that I will not wear them out and about much because peep-toes ALWAYS give me terrible blisters, but I'll wear them in the flat & when people come over or if I got to places that I know won't involve much walking! On the plus side they feel quite comfy when on, and the platform is so big that the actual heel tilt is only about 1.5 inches - perfect for girls like me who want some height but can't walk in proper heels! Anyway, they were £10 and they make me sickeningly happy, so totally worth the money in my view! You can actually get exactly the same pair from New Look here, but be warned, you'll pay double for 'em!

Happy Easter one and all!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dress from heaven

When I saw the Marks and Spencers spring 2013 preview in stylist (you can see it here) there was one piece that really blew me away - A monochrome stripped maxi dress with long sleeves. I was 100% sure that a dress this cool would have to be from the limited collection, and as that collection is still limited to size 18 & under I forgot about it. My excitement when I saw it online on Monday in the Per Una Speziale section (which goes up to a size 22) was palpable. I've never put anything in my basket quicker! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised - the dress that I consider to be the most beautiful thing I own is actually from Per Una Speziale and I got it around about this time last year - I'm not showing you guys just now because I'm saving it for an exciting occasion (Plus London I should think!).

On to the new dress....
I tried it on nervously in M&S when I collected it and thought shit, I think I might like it! Even with the current discount it still costs £63.20, and it's not like I'll wear it regularly, but it is pretty special. Of course it looks a bit different on me to the super thin model....

It breaks many rules for fat girls - there's lots of white in it, it has horizontal stripes and is made from a slinky fabric which clings to lumpy bits. Fuck other people rules, this dress is amazing and I don't care if it makes me look enormous, I love it.

If you ignore all the stupid rules this is actually a good dress for us tubby girls... it has long sleeves, the dark band hits right in the tummy area, the shoulder pads help to balance out the shape and it's made from stretch fabric. The only thing that bothers me is how lumpy my enormous arms look in it, but they are lumpy, so I have to live with it!

I know that this dress is very on-trend, but that's not why I love it. Trends don't really interest me but what they do is force high street retailers to up their game and produce more in-your-face clothes. I think this dress is a fabulous example of how far high street fashion has come. If you want one for yourself you can get it here! This is a regular btw because I couldn't get a long (it's okay though as it's not to a-line!). It is very well made and super comfy!

BTW, I really like this dress back to front too! I think it's a keeper don't you?!

Monday, 25 March 2013

M&S tit-bits

My long-term readers may remember a rat I had about Marks and Spencers when I first started blogging (here), my anger towards them was really what spurred me on to start my blog in fact. I turned my back on them in regards to clothes. I haven't checked their website for a while, but had a quick peak today because I thought I'd see what Per Una had to offer (after wearing my lush giant polka dot per una dress in yesterdays post!) and it seems they've been busy while I've been away. Maybe they're back on form? I've ordered a rather special dress to try (I'll collect it on Wednesday and will tell you about it asap, but for now I'm keeping quiet 'cause I don't want to jinx it!). Anyway, here are some of the rather lovely things I saw on the site today..........

I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that I think the 'plus' range at M&S is crap. Maybe it's handy if you want basics, but otherwise it is incredibly uninspiring! the only item that caught my eye was this lovely blazer available up to a size 28.

Sadly the rest of my selections only go up to a 22, but many of them are stretch so might be flexible! I love a good stretch woolly dress. This Per Una one is smart and sexy.
This dress is so cool, and I guess it's pretty bang on trend with it's geometric monochrome bodice! Per Una again.
I love the layers in this Autograph dress.
Take me to the beach! Lovely summer maxi!
Love the swirl pattern on this lace dress.
Plain yes, but a great everyday dress. I do love a bit of ponte!

I really hope the dress I've ordered fits and looks nice - It's super exciting so fingers crossed!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Swinging Sunday

My boyfriend's parents came to visit today, and brought with them his newly repaired record player.

This means that he can finally listen to his EXTENSIVE vinyl collection. Predominately jazz, and we currently have Ella Fitzgerald floating through the flat. It has to be said that there is something so romantic about vinyl, the sound is just so beautiful... if only we had a roaring fire to go with it in this cold weather!
This is what I wore today, chosen by the boyf as a matter of fact. This is one of my favourite dresses, from M&S Per Una when they were having a very unusual cool spell a couple of years ago. I love the huge polka dots.... you may have realised by now that I am not a girl who likes to blend in and go unnoticed clothes wise!.
My favourite thing about this dress is the band of small polka dots down my left-hand side, a rather unusual touch for M&S, and quite a cool one in my humble opinion!

Can I just mention at this point that I used Simple shampoo and conditioner this morning and it has made my hair so soft and shiny. I love it. Throughout the week I use Head & shoulders 2in1 (I don't give a fuck what anyone says about 2in1, I don't have time to fanny about in the morning and it works wonders for my hair and scalp!) and then use separate shampoo & conditioner at the weekends, but Simple is now definitely my favourite brand. The shampoo strips all the products out of my hair and makes it feel quite dry, and then the conditioner makes it feel like silk. Winner! Highly recommend it. You can currently get this in my local pound land which makes me very happy!
While sorting through the records I found this Jimmy Smith one - check out the amazing outfits on these hotties! I love 60's fashion, it was so feminine and stylish. Please can someone make me these in size 22 / 24?!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Mad men diva

Another Friday, another diva outfit! 

Marred by the bullshit weather again sadly, so yet again I'm wearing friggin' boots! Seriously I am beyond bored of all my boots.

This is an old m&s Autograph dress. Hard to show the detail of this dress, but it's very well structured. Navy ponte, really comfy and always reminds me of Joan from Mad Men. Grey leggings (as always!) from Primark. Little brooch for decoration!

If I was happy to be uncomfortable all day I'd wear a waspie or big belt to give me a (fake) waist for more of a 'Joan' look, but frankly it's just not for me! 

I have a body suit on underneath to smooth my belly out a tad, but its a sexy Ann Summers one not an industrial 'suck me in' type! Comfort is key with me.
It's the Ann Summers 'Giselle' body. Stretch satin in red leopard print?! Love it!

An image taken without flash? Yey! I wanted to wear my hair up with this dress, but it just wouldn't behave today, and actually it was so chilly I'm glad I wore it down! Thank goodness my skin is clearing up a bit though. Good old YSL is hiding the worst of it. Kept the make up simple today. Just in case your interested I wear Max factor false lash effect mascara, Loreal superliner (luminizer blue eyes today, but normally black) and Revlon Just Bitten balm stain in 'romantic'. I love these balms, and this one is my favourite - I really wanted a red with orange tones rather than pink (when I have bright red hair) and this was perfection!
Vintage grey boots, seriously worn out, but I sort of love knackered boots. It's the 14 year old grungy Nirvana fan in me I think!

Keeping fingers crossed for decent weather next dress like a diva day, but I feel I'll be wearing more damn boots!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ridiculous sizing strikes again!

I have had two horribly crap parcels full of clothes today. The Dorothy Perkins one was just so disappointing that I couldn't even muster the will to photograph it! Dress was SO SHORT and 'Royal blue' jeggings were purple (didn't even take them out of the package to try them on). Going back.

My forever 21 order was unsurprisingly rediculous.

The 3XL (UK 24 apparently) leather look skirt was tiny - sorry no pic, sold out now (until I return it!).

I could get into the size 3XL (UK 24 apparently) trousers, but they were too small on everything but my knees & ankles.

This is the item I'm really pissed about though.... look how massive it is on the model! It is huge, so I thought I'd be safe with it at a size 2XL (3XL wasn't available) and the last jumpsuit I got from Forever 21+ that looked massive on the model was sized down to 2XL and the fit was perfect on me.
Back to reality.... seriously people, this is supposed to be a UK size 22. Are they fucking kidding me?! How can they advertise a massive oversized jumpsuit and then it's this tight in real life?. 70% of my clothes are a size 22. This item is beyond missleading in the photographs!
Scary picture Just so you can appreciate how tight this was. So the situation is this. Either the jumpsuit was supposed to be more fitted but the model is wearing something that is WAY to big for her, or the style was supposed to be that baggy and your size 22 is actually a size 16 in disguise. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall here. If your UK size 24 is actually more like a 18 then your plus size range is bullshit (take note H&M). If your models are 4 sizes smaller than the clothes they're wearing you are misleading your customers. Big clothes need big models, I genuinely don't understand why this concept is so hard to grasp?!

The reason I'm so angry about this one is that I LOVE IT! I would have kept this for sure if the sizing had been better (The 3XL might just have worked, but still wouldn't look anything like the images on the site) and I'm so sick of the plus size fashion industry and its utter stupidity! How dare they pretend to cater to plus size women and then only go up to standard high street big sizes. That or be so contemptuous of fat girls that they won't use models who fit the clothes!

This is it forever 21, I give up. I'm not even going to attempt shopping with you again because it's too depressing. And to think how excited I was when I found out it was coming to the UK.....

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Another day, another ASOS curve bodycon dream dress! They are smashing the plus size bodycons, and I really do think that no matter what your size or shape these are great dresses. For one thing they are so comfy, they often have long sleeves, are super stretchy and look super foxy. If you don't like wearing such tight clothes then they go so well underneath blazers, cardis, waistcoats and shirts. I think a figure hugging dress can some in very handy and can be very versitile.
I tried a 22 & 24 in this amazing dress (£25 available here) and it's a lovely shape. This is the 24. I think it will be great for big busted ladies because the skirt is quite fitted but the body is more generous.
The colours are lovely. The fabric is thin and very stretchy.
This dress doesn't hide my lumps and bumps, but I'm not really bothered about that kind of thing!
Here is my final look - this is the size 22, I decided it was a better fit and becuase of the fabric I feel sure that it will stretch out a tiny bit after a few hours wear so I want to start out with a nice tight fit. Basically I advise you to get your normal size in this!

So as you can see my camera really isn't wanting to focus at the moment, but whatever! I managed to snap up the last one of these in the asos sale, size 24 (I don't think this needs to be super tight so the fit is fine) and I think it'll come in handy! I love a low scoop neck!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Rock Diva

'Tis Dress like a Diva Friday again. Frankly the weather has been playing havoc with my diva days. I'm so sick of having to wear boots, big coats and hoods. I have so many spring coats and lovely shoes but I keep having to dress according to what I have to put on my feet! It's annoying frankly.

Having said that I do so love this ASOS curve swing dress (available here) which I have taken to calling my 'Matrix' Dress.

I figured that if I had to wear man boots that I had better go for a bit of a grungy look, so I decided on smoky green eyes. This is a Mac shadow from a delicious pallet I bought years ago. I hardly ever wear eye shadow nowadays, but I used to so I have every colour you could ever think of. Should use them more, especially the mac pots that were £15 each!
I also scrunched my hair up a bit to make it wavy (and scruffy!).

Anyway, fingers crossed next week I'll get good enough weather to forgo big clumpy boots!