Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dress from heaven

When I saw the Marks and Spencers spring 2013 preview in stylist (you can see it here) there was one piece that really blew me away - A monochrome stripped maxi dress with long sleeves. I was 100% sure that a dress this cool would have to be from the limited collection, and as that collection is still limited to size 18 & under I forgot about it. My excitement when I saw it online on Monday in the Per Una Speziale section (which goes up to a size 22) was palpable. I've never put anything in my basket quicker! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised - the dress that I consider to be the most beautiful thing I own is actually from Per Una Speziale and I got it around about this time last year - I'm not showing you guys just now because I'm saving it for an exciting occasion (Plus London I should think!).

On to the new dress....
I tried it on nervously in M&S when I collected it and thought shit, I think I might like it! Even with the current discount it still costs £63.20, and it's not like I'll wear it regularly, but it is pretty special. Of course it looks a bit different on me to the super thin model....

It breaks many rules for fat girls - there's lots of white in it, it has horizontal stripes and is made from a slinky fabric which clings to lumpy bits. Fuck other people rules, this dress is amazing and I don't care if it makes me look enormous, I love it.

If you ignore all the stupid rules this is actually a good dress for us tubby girls... it has long sleeves, the dark band hits right in the tummy area, the shoulder pads help to balance out the shape and it's made from stretch fabric. The only thing that bothers me is how lumpy my enormous arms look in it, but they are lumpy, so I have to live with it!

I know that this dress is very on-trend, but that's not why I love it. Trends don't really interest me but what they do is force high street retailers to up their game and produce more in-your-face clothes. I think this dress is a fabulous example of how far high street fashion has come. If you want one for yourself you can get it here! This is a regular btw because I couldn't get a long (it's okay though as it's not to a-line!). It is very well made and super comfy!

BTW, I really like this dress back to front too! I think it's a keeper don't you?!


  1. HOT - love it

  2. Wowee, definitely a keeper! Love this dress so much!

  3. LOVE IT! It looks esp superb with your hair up.

  4. Love this dress! Sorry this is a bit late- just found your blog ��