Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New to me

Here is the latest edition to my vintage dress collection. It's an ebay find. Vintage size 22, so it's a bit tight on the old boobies but who cares, it has waves and volcanoes on it!
Retro joy! xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sized up and down

At last my replacement ASOS dresses have arrived! Quick post to show em to you!
I'm not sure that this dress is particularly flattering because the neck hole is so small (probably better with hair up!), but it's so cute and comfy that I think I'll wear it to work lots! I had to get a 20 in this because the 22 was massive!
No idea why I'm so very serious in this! Anyway, this dress I sized up in because the 22 was squishing my boobs to much. This 24 is better. It's stretch jersey but unlike many of the other ASOS curve dresses it's quite firm. It's long enough that I could wear it with naked legs so I'd totally wear it to a wedding with a nice facinator / hat! Ans some better matching shoes of course.

If any of you guys are thinking 'is she wearing those shoes again?!' it's because my shoes are all in boxes in the office, but there is no room for these so they live in my room, and they seem like a better choice than my trainers when I'm quickly snapping new clothes! xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Seeing stars

Just a super quick post to show you guys my new Anna scholz (black label) - on sale for £66 down from £220! Sorry my picture is a bit crap!

Love it - comfy soft stretch jersey. Seriously though, at the moment you can get Anna's designer gear for the same prices that you'd pay for her simply be line, and as a woman who owns dresses from both I'm telling you that the cut and quality of the black / white label is so much nicer than the simply be stuff. I think I'll wear this to my boyfriends Mums 60th - it's fun but respectable at the same time!

Hopefully I'll be back to show y'all my sized up / down ASOS curve frocks at the weekend xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Asos Curve mega-mix part-1

I do so love getting Asos parcels! I normally expect to return at least half of what I order, but It's worth trying in my humble opinion!
So then. Some excitement and some dissapointement. Good really, as my credit card couldn't have handled a 100% success!

Knew I'd like this dress! This size 22 fits me just right. My sisters birthday voucher bought me this dress, so thanks very much big sis! xx
Now look here ASOS curve! I do know that a dress on my body will look differnt to the same dress on a size 14 model, but if your going to show a dress cut with a high neck then you had bloody well better be selling the same dress to me! I HAVE to keep this dress because it's cool and unusual, but I wish it looked more like it does in the site. It looks better with a high neck, and the print isn't quite the same as in the pictures either dammit! Oh and I just realised that the sleevs are 3-4 in real life. They are full length on the site. NOT THE SAME DRESS IS IT ASOS?! I am a loyal customer and believe me when I tell you that it really FUCKS ME OFF when you send me items that are not the same as the items in your photographs! This is a size 22 btw.
Always liked this t-shirt, and when it went on sale (only a size 24 left) I nabbed the last one. So here again is the old asos problem - The ghost print t-shirt I tried in a size 22 was too small for me. This t-shirt (which I believe was described as a 'standard cut' the same as the ghost tee) is friggin' huge! I'm keeping it anyway because I think it works fine as a super loose fitting top & it's sold out so I can't get it in a smaller size!.

So then. The rest - The dragonfly dress never turned up, instead I got a regular range asos dress (same colour, different style) with a bunny print in a size 18 packaged in the curve bag. Nevermind, was just trying it because it was in the sale. Hey-ho! The pink dress was awful on me. colour and shape was a disaster, but again just trying sale stuff so not bothered!
The Jewel floral bodycon dress was quite a firm fabric and felt a bit too small. Mainly noticed it on the shoulders and bust, so I'm going to size up from this 22 to a 24 (I'll show you the results when the bigger size arrives!).
The swing dress (size 22) was massive. Because the sleeves and shoulders are quite big while the neck hole is so small, I decided to size down to a 20 (again I'll show pics of that when it arrives!). It's also much longer than in the website images (surprise surprise!) so fingers crossed the smaller size will shorten it on me a tad! Good news for this of course is that this means that ladies bigger than a size 26 would deffo fit into this dress!

Monday, 21 January 2013

A very vintage birthday!

I turned 31 today, and as normal I don't feel any different! I took the day off purely because I think working on your birthday is rubbish. I decided to go for a charity shop rummage, as generally I don't get to do such things unless I spend my Saturday fighting my way around London. 

I have many favourite bloggers, but I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Kellie B from Fatshion insider. From what I can tell Kellie B wears just about whatever she fancies, and looks totally unique and awesome. One of the ways she does this is by wearing vintage clothes and accessories. I love vintage reproduction clothing, but I also love real vintage (even when the fabrics are a bit sweaty!) and although finding good plus size vintage is tough it is possible. Obviously going regularly to charity shops and vintage shops will put you in good stead (if I'm in a new town you'd best believe the charity shops are the first places I go!) but I have found some amazing one-offs on ebay, and I just bought a particularly kooky one which I really hope will fit!. You've just gotta keep an eye out and throw caution to the wind! Below are some of my favourite vintage dresses...
I got this one today in Streatham (Trinity Hospice) for £10. No idea what size it is (probably not made for a size 22!) or where it's from, but I grabbed it and legged it to the changing rooms before anyone else saw it! Love love love it. The shoes are from Traid Brixton (got them last weekend for £2).
Latice work of dreams!
 This was such am amazing ebay purchase - This is vintage Evans (seriously, size 24 70's dress from Evans!) and it cost me £10. Nobody else even bid on it! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! 

The print is beyond beautiful...
 Another amazing ebay find. Think this cost about £15, and it has tigers all over it. And shoulder pads!
Where has my neck gone?! Found this little beauty on a trip home to see my family. Got it in a blue cross charity shop for £8. It's so comfy, I wear this one quite a lot because it makes me feel like a sexy housewife!
And the print makes me think of coffee beans.
This is another ebay find, the print is amazing. When it turned up it was too small for me, so I took the seams apart and added go faster denim stripes down both sides. Sometimes its worth doing a bit of sewing!
Seriously how cool is this sketchy water colour print?!

Fingers crossed that my recent purchase turns up and fits me nicely becuase yes, your eyes do not decieve you - the print is indeed WAVES AND VOLCANOES!

I'll update you when I get it! I'm preparing a selling blog that I'll put up soon - loads of dresses, including a genuine vintage one xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Evans sale part two!

I took another look at the Evans sale because they have a furthur 10% off at the moment, and I found this lovely Samya checked dress for £10...
Love it! I have to admit that the main selling point was that all red checked prints remind me of Vivienne Westwood, but the dress is actually lovely and has pockets... yey! Its a 24 (only size left) and it is pretty loose, but it kind of works with this dress. Again its a sort of woolly fabric so will be warm. Bargain!  
I managed to pick up this dress (which I'm wearing in a previous post in size 24) in a size 22. Hard to see in the images but the 24 really was a bit too big so I'm happier with this. To be honest its still quite generous. I'd call the 22 a 22-24. The 24 that I have now sent back would easily fit a 26, so if you like it keep an eye on the Evans site in case they re-list it. Only £15!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Asos sale buys and thrifty thrift

I have somewhat come up against Asos Curves mad sizing / cut again, but I have also had a bit of success.

Wore my Dorothy Perkins pleather trousers out shopping today. They are noisy and sweaty as I expected, but I did feel quite rock and roll, which I enjoyed!
So then. Asos Curve. I have ordered t-shirts from ASOS before, and the 24 has always been too big. I therefore got this in a 22.... it's too tight. Never mind I'll size up because I like it. It's cute!
I just..... you know?! This is a size 24 apparently. Terrible cut, doesn't even look good tucked in!
I'm sorry Mr & Mrs Asos Curve, but your model is surely not so tall that this top is minge-length on her and mid-thigh length on me. Ridiculous! Could have been so nice..... I wanted this to wear with my patterned trousers but its such a horrible length that it just makes me look slovenly. Going back immediately!
I am keeping this dress because I sort of love it. It's quite heavy and very swingy. It is definitely a weird shape at the top under the arms, so it's not exactly slimming, but it makes me feel like a bit of a princess so it stays! I added the belt to show that you could wear it two ways.
 So during my charity shop rummage I found this lovely gypsy dress in traid. I normally avoid traid because its a rip off, but their sales are amazing. I saw so many cool vintage dresses for £6 each. This dress as it turned out if actually from next (well, finding plus size vintage is rare so fair enough) but for £6 I was like hell yeah! The green shoes above are from traid too - £2! Get down to your nearest ones if you want some bargains. My boyfriend got a tweed jacket and Joseph trousers for the fancy dress party and it only cost him £9.

I'll be back with more ASOS buys after my birthday, when I plan to buy some (wait for it) FULL PRICE CURVE ITEMS! xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Breaking the bank!

I'll try to keep this to a minimum word count - basically I ordered loads of sale stuff expecting to send at least half of it back, but as it turns out I'm keeping nearly all of it. Please excuse my navy leggings & white bra with all the black clothes btw! No links because some of this has now sold out but here is what I got....

New Look

Rainbow Crystals!
This lovedrobe dress looks much better in real life, but I can't keep it because it is too short for me. Recommend it to any ladies of average height or shorter! This is a 24. 22 would have been more fitted but probably a bit clingy too.

You may have seen Claire in this miss real London coat on twitter, I was pretty excited about this. Its a 24 and I was hoping it would be a bit looser, but I still like it. the pleather smells fishy and gross at the moment but hopefully that will wear off. Oh and I wish it had pockets but hey, it's only £21 in the inspire sale so bargain!

Now Evans (so much better when I'm not in the actual store!)

1st Samya dress. Great for work, unusual and I like it. This is a 24 but really I needed a 22. Sold out now so I'll keep this one and just live with the looseness!
2nd Samya dress and again this is a 24 but a 22 would have been a better fit. Again its now sold out so I'll keep the 24 and probably take it in a little bit on the torso. Note to self - get your normal size in Samya clothing!
White bra! This Lovedrobe dress is my favourite! the lace section is actually a bit stretchy (will still have to sew up the buttons across my boobs as normal though). This is a 24, a 22 would certainly have been too small for me.

This Samya jacket (size 24) is too big for me and totally the wrong length so it's going back. 
Clements Ribeiro trousers. These are a size 20 - they are a very generous cut so go one size down!

Thats me done. Will have to have another ebay clear-out now before my wardrobes collapse under their own weight!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Not so very fabulous

I tried on my dorothy perkins and very orders and thought meh! To be honest I wasn't expecting much and I've got so many other sale items on thier way from new look and evans (not that any of that order is actually evans own brand!) and I fully intend to do a fucking massive asos curve order after my birthday so I don't really care! Bring on the reviews!

DP first, and I couldn't even get the jeggings on! I don't normally have a problem with jeggings from dp but these are sort of coated so they are way smaller than normal size 22 from dp. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I always have this problem with coated jeans so its no surprise!

The faux leather trousers on the other hand are ace. Very tight but super stretchy which is what I wanted. I didn't want any baggyness like you get with real leather so these are ideal, a bit short but I like ankle biters so that's fine by me. Obviously I'm not going to wear them like this, but with a rock chick top and some heels I think these will work. If any of you want some leather look trousers I genuinely recommend these - still available here in size 16-22 (get your normal size) in the DP sale for £20.
My very order was so disappointing. For one thing the pair of trousers I was really excited about didn't arrive with everything else (the feather print so fabulous cigarette trousers - fingers crossed they come soon) and I couldn't do up two of the pairs of trousers despite ordering the size 24. To be fair the smaller ones were both by 'south' and not the specialist plus size 'so fabulous' so again I was not shocked that they didn't fit. Shame as the pyjama print ones would have been my instant faves.

These South cuffed trousers are comfy and nice for wearing round the house so I'll keep them. They were only & so totally worth it. These are a 24 and although I could have fit the 22 waist-wise but I'm glad I sized up as they are snug on my thighs (everything is always snug on my thighs!). Only cost £7, still available in size 16-24 here.

These south pewter PU 'jeggings' (they so are not jeggings!) are sadly not for me, but fit wise these 24's were surprisingly big on my tummy so a 22 would have been better. My main problem is that the PU makes my legs stick together at the thigh and I can't really walk in them! However if you have smaller thighs than me, then there is something rather David Bowie about these that makes me happy - after all how often can you get metallic skin tight pants up to a size 24?! I reckon Bethany from Arched Eyebrow could pull these off. Only £8 still available in sizes 8-24 here!

This is a pretty skirt for a bargain price. It is much more gold in real life than on the site. I'm not going to wear it to be honest, because it doesn't feel very 'me'. That sounds wanky but its the best way to describe why I'm not keeping it. I recommend it to you guys though, because as shiny skirts go this is pretty cute. This is my normal size 22. Very stretchy and nicely fitted, available here for just £7.50!

More sale posts to come (as soon as it all arrives and I drag it home from work!) xx