Monday, 21 January 2013

A very vintage birthday!

I turned 31 today, and as normal I don't feel any different! I took the day off purely because I think working on your birthday is rubbish. I decided to go for a charity shop rummage, as generally I don't get to do such things unless I spend my Saturday fighting my way around London. 

I have many favourite bloggers, but I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Kellie B from Fatshion insider. From what I can tell Kellie B wears just about whatever she fancies, and looks totally unique and awesome. One of the ways she does this is by wearing vintage clothes and accessories. I love vintage reproduction clothing, but I also love real vintage (even when the fabrics are a bit sweaty!) and although finding good plus size vintage is tough it is possible. Obviously going regularly to charity shops and vintage shops will put you in good stead (if I'm in a new town you'd best believe the charity shops are the first places I go!) but I have found some amazing one-offs on ebay, and I just bought a particularly kooky one which I really hope will fit!. You've just gotta keep an eye out and throw caution to the wind! Below are some of my favourite vintage dresses...
I got this one today in Streatham (Trinity Hospice) for £10. No idea what size it is (probably not made for a size 22!) or where it's from, but I grabbed it and legged it to the changing rooms before anyone else saw it! Love love love it. The shoes are from Traid Brixton (got them last weekend for £2).
Latice work of dreams!
 This was such am amazing ebay purchase - This is vintage Evans (seriously, size 24 70's dress from Evans!) and it cost me £10. Nobody else even bid on it! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! 

The print is beyond beautiful...
 Another amazing ebay find. Think this cost about £15, and it has tigers all over it. And shoulder pads!
Where has my neck gone?! Found this little beauty on a trip home to see my family. Got it in a blue cross charity shop for £8. It's so comfy, I wear this one quite a lot because it makes me feel like a sexy housewife!
And the print makes me think of coffee beans.
This is another ebay find, the print is amazing. When it turned up it was too small for me, so I took the seams apart and added go faster denim stripes down both sides. Sometimes its worth doing a bit of sewing!
Seriously how cool is this sketchy water colour print?!

Fingers crossed that my recent purchase turns up and fits me nicely becuase yes, your eyes do not decieve you - the print is indeed WAVES AND VOLCANOES!

I'll update you when I get it! I'm preparing a selling blog that I'll put up soon - loads of dresses, including a genuine vintage one xx


  1. The vintage Evans one is stunning! You look fab in all of them!

    Toni x

    1. Why thank you! Lets hope the new one is as good! xx

  2. The vintage Evans dress REIGNS SUPEREME. Don't you just wish you could go back in time and just see everything Evans had in store throughout the seventies and eighties?!?! Daydreaming......