Monday, 28 January 2013

Sized up and down

At last my replacement ASOS dresses have arrived! Quick post to show em to you!
I'm not sure that this dress is particularly flattering because the neck hole is so small (probably better with hair up!), but it's so cute and comfy that I think I'll wear it to work lots! I had to get a 20 in this because the 22 was massive!
No idea why I'm so very serious in this! Anyway, this dress I sized up in because the 22 was squishing my boobs to much. This 24 is better. It's stretch jersey but unlike many of the other ASOS curve dresses it's quite firm. It's long enough that I could wear it with naked legs so I'd totally wear it to a wedding with a nice facinator / hat! Ans some better matching shoes of course.

If any of you guys are thinking 'is she wearing those shoes again?!' it's because my shoes are all in boxes in the office, but there is no room for these so they live in my room, and they seem like a better choice than my trainers when I'm quickly snapping new clothes! xx

1 comment:

  1. I have been eyeing up that monochrome dress on Asos for a while now !
    I didn't realise how high the neck was !
    You look really cute in both though :)
    Launa xx