Sunday, 13 January 2013

Asos sale buys and thrifty thrift

I have somewhat come up against Asos Curves mad sizing / cut again, but I have also had a bit of success.

Wore my Dorothy Perkins pleather trousers out shopping today. They are noisy and sweaty as I expected, but I did feel quite rock and roll, which I enjoyed!
So then. Asos Curve. I have ordered t-shirts from ASOS before, and the 24 has always been too big. I therefore got this in a 22.... it's too tight. Never mind I'll size up because I like it. It's cute!
I just..... you know?! This is a size 24 apparently. Terrible cut, doesn't even look good tucked in!
I'm sorry Mr & Mrs Asos Curve, but your model is surely not so tall that this top is minge-length on her and mid-thigh length on me. Ridiculous! Could have been so nice..... I wanted this to wear with my patterned trousers but its such a horrible length that it just makes me look slovenly. Going back immediately!
I am keeping this dress because I sort of love it. It's quite heavy and very swingy. It is definitely a weird shape at the top under the arms, so it's not exactly slimming, but it makes me feel like a bit of a princess so it stays! I added the belt to show that you could wear it two ways.
 So during my charity shop rummage I found this lovely gypsy dress in traid. I normally avoid traid because its a rip off, but their sales are amazing. I saw so many cool vintage dresses for £6 each. This dress as it turned out if actually from next (well, finding plus size vintage is rare so fair enough) but for £6 I was like hell yeah! The green shoes above are from traid too - £2! Get down to your nearest ones if you want some bargains. My boyfriend got a tweed jacket and Joseph trousers for the fancy dress party and it only cost him £9.

I'll be back with more ASOS buys after my birthday, when I plan to buy some (wait for it) FULL PRICE CURVE ITEMS! xx

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  1. That shirt is the worst cut ever :( love the dress looks fab with the belt xx