Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Late Wardrobe weekly

This feels like about a month ago now! this is me struggling with the weather. Scuba skirt (which is too hot for summer) but bare legs (which are too cold for Autumn!).
Anyway... I got this shirt in the George sale. There was just one left and I had never seen it on the site at full price, but it reminded me of my favourite vintage dress (black and white stripes with flowers over the top) so I had to put it in my basket!
Shirt 24 - George
Skirt 20 - Primark
Shoes - Primark

 I learnt my cold leg lesson and wore leggings on Tuesday! This is such a good dress, I've worn it and washed it enough to make it a bit bobbly, but it's still ace... to think I almost sent it back!
 Cheapo necklace from Primark that is super glittery in real life, and they have it in silver as well as gold.
The shoes opened up while I was getting off the tube so I changed the ankle strap round so the fastening is now on the inside. Easier to access and harder to knock open!
Dress 22 - Asos Curve
Leggings 22 - South / Very
Glittery socks / shoes / necklace - Primark

 Newest vintage Evans dress!
 I decided to wear a belt with it, but I think I prefer it without. I have't decided yet! Of course the original belt is minuscule compared to the dress itself (somethings never change!).
Still love my cube earrings a much as I did when I first got them!
Dress 24 - Vintage Evans via ebay
Belt - Very old, no idea where I got it!
Tights XL - Primark 100 den
Shoes - New look
Earrings - Top Shop

It's the perfect time of year for all my vintage stash. I can't wear vintage synthetic fabrics when it's hot, but some of the clothing is lightweight and has short sleeves or doesn't look right with winter layering, so autumn is the time I go vintage-crazy!
This super over the top sparkly 80's jacket is an ebay buy I got ages ago. It's so very glittery!
Jacket size ? - Vintage
T-shirt 20 - Primark
Trousers 24 - New Look Inspire
Shoes New Look 
Earrings - Forever 21
I managed to find time to take a photo with proper lighting! 

Cocktails after work on Friday so I decided to wear this lovely frock. I haven't worn this for ages!
Leopard face legs.
Dress 22 - Anna Scholz Black Label
Tights XL - Primark 100 den
Shoes - New Look

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Trying stuff out

 Not only is this supposed to be a dress (it's stupidly short as you can see!) but it's also supposed to be a size 26. New look Inspire sizing is insane at the moment! I also ordered a bra in 40E.... the back was about 3 inches away from doing up and the cups were tiny. It was so far from a 40E that I wonder if they've labelled it incorrectly!
There is a part of me that really wants to keep this, but the more sensible part said 'you don't need it!'. If this goes into the sale then I might just order it again, but for now I have to be sensible (after my boohoo splurge, you know?!). Size 24 is lovely.
Nice fabric with a bit of give in it and a stretchy lining. It's actually good for cooler weather I think because the two layers make it quite thick - it's longer than it looks online (thank goodness!)
This dress is a tad sombre for me but it's very good for smart workplaces (my sister has it for instance), it's very pretty. This size 24 was too big for me, I would certainly need a 22 to get the fastening where I'd want it. I'm not keen on the fabric if I'm honest (reminds me of dresses I used to get at Rogers & Rogers as a teenager!), but I think I'd get over that because the shape is good. If this ends up in the sale I will get it because I think it could come in handy, but I really wish Asos had brought this out in a choice of colours because this, in red?! I would have snapped that right up!
I would like this cut of dress in the fabric and print of the super small New Look dress at the top of the post! I just don't get on with the asos thick stretch fabric that all these t-shirt dresses are made of. I was hoping this would be a nice lightweight fabric but alas no. I just don't like the way they cling to my belly - you can't see it here, but the cellulite on my belly is very noticeable in this kind of fabric!
In more cheerful news I have finally found a pair of big and baggy late 80's early 90's trousers! 
Think Emma Thompson in Junior (to obsure?!), that's the sort of trouser I've been looking for for years, and as I've yet to find a vintage pair large enough for my arse, I was excited to see these on the new look website.
I got the 24 and although I could certainly have fit into the 22 on thighs / bum / belly, I think the calves would have been a bit tight and would have ruined the drape.
These are not supposed to be flattering, I just think they're cool (and comfy!). 
The fabric is non stretch and shiney, quite thin but not summery, so perfect for Autumn.
(weird spot of dust on my lens has made me look like I'm missing part of my mouth, but it's the trousers that matter!) The waist is elasticated along the back and is tightened with the sash belt. Oh and they have pockets. Perfect ankle length for me.
I had to try these with my cape! Big puffy pleats everywhere!
I also got the new look (via asos) shoes to try. I chose the size 8 in the end, because I wouldn't have fit a heel shield in the back of the 7's, and shoes like this ALWAYS give me blisters if Idon't put gel pads at the ankles!
Lovely though huh?! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Boohoo WOO HOO!

Ooohhh la la! I have been holding of making another boohoo order for a while despite having quite a long wishlist, but when they gave a discount on coats and jackets I decided to just go ahead and order a few items. SO glad I did. I'm quite in love!
I've wanted this jersey jumpsuit for ages but as boohoo charge for delivery I thought I'd wait until I made a bigger order. I just wanted another jumpsuit for wearing around the house at weekends, because they have become my not-going-out uniform! 
This is a 24, and it's comfy and lush. Clingy on the old belly, but that's nothing unusual!
Oh lordy I just couldn't resist this cape jacket thing! The 24 had sold out so I ordered the 22 - I don't think it makes a huge amount of difference! 
Ergh this is so cool. It comes in pink and black, and I'm loving it! 
It's a sort of textured thin fabric (lined) and is non-stretch, but looks lovely, and holds it's shape very well.
It's like a waistcoat with a cape attached, so size-wise it's pretty flexible - It will depend on the size of your back and shoulders I feel!
I have been waiting for MONTHS for a jacket like this one! Trench style, black and super thin. Typically it's come out just as the weather has turned colder, but I still had to have it!
It's a similar fabric to the cape, not stretchy but has a bit of give to it. It's not lined so it's very lightweight and flowing. The size 24 is not very generous, but closes up nicely nevertheless, and it looks fab. Nice big sleeves for my massive arms too!
This comes in black or pink, and it a totally brilliant and lovely summer trench coat!
I really really REALLY hope that Boohoo extend their size range, because they're offering up some really interesting and funky affordable fashion, and it's time that size 26+ women get the same opportunities to wear it!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

This is my 300th post apparently - this explains where this year has gone huh?! It's been a busy week... a busy month actually, but I've found time to join Instagram at last. I'm plumpparsnip on there if you want to follow me and be bored by pictures of any random shit I like!

 I kept it Simple because I was two outfits Parsnips on Monday!
 I wore my new Primark shoes (which are also available in black, but you know, they always sell out of black shoes in size 7!) which are pretty awesome considering they're both pointy and flat.
 These are surprisingly comfortable and I know I'm going to love them with socks when it gets a bit colder! The ankle fastening is a bit fiddly, but it's pretty secure once it's done up. These are a sort of ox-blood red / burgundy in real life, despite them looking sort of brown here!
T-shirt 22 - Asos Curve
Trousers 20 - Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans
Shoes & necklace - Primark
 In the evening I got all dolled up for a lovely posh do and wore the lovely dress I got from Asos Curve for £16. I got so many compliments so I guess it was a good look! The little jacket is an old stunner from H&M (standard range) that is sort of Art Deco in style. One day I'll remember to show you the back, which is the bast part of it!
 The dress is rather booby on me, but thats no bad thing.... it's subtle boob! Free fizz!
 So the little shoes I got from New Look were super pretty and comfy during the party, but for walking around London afterwards? Not so much! My feet never cope will with this kind of straight cut band, unless it's super soft fake leather!

 I felt a bit wrong on Tuesday (see the glass in my hand above? that was refilled more times that I could count!) so I wore super stretchy and comfy clothes.
Top 24 - Anna Scholz Black Label
Skirt 20 & shoes - Primark

 I love this outfit. I's rare that I wear completely pattern-free clothing, so maybe it's the unusualness I enjoyed? I'm not sure, but I felt fab in this. Very comfy, but also very smart. It's hard to see here, but the trousers are cobolt blue, as are the shoes.
 I really really love these Barbara Hulaniki tops from George, they're very versatile and stylish, but they're lovely and loose (not clingy) so I can wear them with pretty much anything!
 Top 22 - Barbara Hulaniki for George
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins (tall joggers)
Shoes - Primark

 Oh how I love a change of pace! From funky smart to vintage lady! This is one of my MANY vintage Evans dresses. I still don't have any modern Evans dresses, but I'm planning to buy many of the pieces from the Evans Collective range when it's released (well, IF it's released as seen on the catwalk!).
 I got this on ebay a while back and I love love love it! The ladies at work really liked this dress for some reason. I guess it's quite a classic shape!
 Dress 24 - Vintage Evans (via ebay)
Shoes - Crocs

 I was off site on Friday, and it was so hot and humid that I wore a nice lightweight summer dress. The jacket came off at lunchtime and didn't go back on until the evening!
 Asos holographic plimsols. These are now available in gold too, and I want them (obviously!)
 In case my outfit wasn't bright enough... you know.
 It's been a long time since I was near the dome. Nice day for it!
 After work I met my boyfriend and went to Greenwich park while the sun set, before going off for some grub (and a strawberry daiquiri!)
 Drinking in the park. Nice! I also got about 800 mosquito bites during this particular jaunt. Bastards!
 Jacket 22 - New Look
Dress 22 - Asos Curve
Sunnies - Primark
Shoes - Asos

 Today I didn't really get dressed (I'm wearing a jumpsuit and no undies - you don't need to see that!) but yesterday I HAD to go out and get food, so I put clothes on. I love the colour of this t-shirt from Asos Curve, it's excellent!
T-shirt 24 - Asos Curve
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Crocs