Monday, 22 September 2014

Boohoo WOO HOO!

Ooohhh la la! I have been holding of making another boohoo order for a while despite having quite a long wishlist, but when they gave a discount on coats and jackets I decided to just go ahead and order a few items. SO glad I did. I'm quite in love!
I've wanted this jersey jumpsuit for ages but as boohoo charge for delivery I thought I'd wait until I made a bigger order. I just wanted another jumpsuit for wearing around the house at weekends, because they have become my not-going-out uniform! 
This is a 24, and it's comfy and lush. Clingy on the old belly, but that's nothing unusual!
Oh lordy I just couldn't resist this cape jacket thing! The 24 had sold out so I ordered the 22 - I don't think it makes a huge amount of difference! 
Ergh this is so cool. It comes in pink and black, and I'm loving it! 
It's a sort of textured thin fabric (lined) and is non-stretch, but looks lovely, and holds it's shape very well.
It's like a waistcoat with a cape attached, so size-wise it's pretty flexible - It will depend on the size of your back and shoulders I feel!
I have been waiting for MONTHS for a jacket like this one! Trench style, black and super thin. Typically it's come out just as the weather has turned colder, but I still had to have it!
It's a similar fabric to the cape, not stretchy but has a bit of give to it. It's not lined so it's very lightweight and flowing. The size 24 is not very generous, but closes up nicely nevertheless, and it looks fab. Nice big sleeves for my massive arms too!
This comes in black or pink, and it a totally brilliant and lovely summer trench coat!
I really really REALLY hope that Boohoo extend their size range, because they're offering up some really interesting and funky affordable fashion, and it's time that size 26+ women get the same opportunities to wear it!


  1. I've never even considered Boohoo before, but this post has inspired me to look at their range and there's some brilliant stuff. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. Glad to hear it! They're getting better as time goes on!