Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Trying stuff out

 Not only is this supposed to be a dress (it's stupidly short as you can see!) but it's also supposed to be a size 26. New look Inspire sizing is insane at the moment! I also ordered a bra in 40E.... the back was about 3 inches away from doing up and the cups were tiny. It was so far from a 40E that I wonder if they've labelled it incorrectly!
There is a part of me that really wants to keep this, but the more sensible part said 'you don't need it!'. If this goes into the sale then I might just order it again, but for now I have to be sensible (after my boohoo splurge, you know?!). Size 24 is lovely.
Nice fabric with a bit of give in it and a stretchy lining. It's actually good for cooler weather I think because the two layers make it quite thick - it's longer than it looks online (thank goodness!)
This dress is a tad sombre for me but it's very good for smart workplaces (my sister has it for instance), it's very pretty. This size 24 was too big for me, I would certainly need a 22 to get the fastening where I'd want it. I'm not keen on the fabric if I'm honest (reminds me of dresses I used to get at Rogers & Rogers as a teenager!), but I think I'd get over that because the shape is good. If this ends up in the sale I will get it because I think it could come in handy, but I really wish Asos had brought this out in a choice of colours because this, in red?! I would have snapped that right up!
I would like this cut of dress in the fabric and print of the super small New Look dress at the top of the post! I just don't get on with the asos thick stretch fabric that all these t-shirt dresses are made of. I was hoping this would be a nice lightweight fabric but alas no. I just don't like the way they cling to my belly - you can't see it here, but the cellulite on my belly is very noticeable in this kind of fabric!
In more cheerful news I have finally found a pair of big and baggy late 80's early 90's trousers! 
Think Emma Thompson in Junior (to obsure?!), that's the sort of trouser I've been looking for for years, and as I've yet to find a vintage pair large enough for my arse, I was excited to see these on the new look website.
I got the 24 and although I could certainly have fit into the 22 on thighs / bum / belly, I think the calves would have been a bit tight and would have ruined the drape.
These are not supposed to be flattering, I just think they're cool (and comfy!). 
The fabric is non stretch and shiney, quite thin but not summery, so perfect for Autumn.
(weird spot of dust on my lens has made me look like I'm missing part of my mouth, but it's the trousers that matter!) The waist is elasticated along the back and is tightened with the sash belt. Oh and they have pockets. Perfect ankle length for me.
I had to try these with my cape! Big puffy pleats everywhere!
I also got the new look (via asos) shoes to try. I chose the size 8 in the end, because I wouldn't have fit a heel shield in the back of the 7's, and shoes like this ALWAYS give me blisters if Idon't put gel pads at the ankles!
Lovely though huh?! 


  1. What's the width like on the shoes Cass? They look quite generous but you might have ever so dainty feet. ;) They call to meeeee. That top New Look thing is never a 26! x x

  2. I have square feet - they're really wide with short toes! These aren't that wide, but they're flexible and are okay on my freak feet because I sized up.... worth a try if you can get free delivery 'cause they're well cheap! xx

  3. I might try sizing up too then. My feet are like the box shoes come in with toes on the end! They are SO frigging cheap and I don't have any pointy toed shoes. x x

  4. I love those shoes I have something similar but mine are gold but i prefer silver to gold

  5. I would love a pair like this in gold! I have no problem finding silver shoes, but gold hardly ever crop up!

  6. I love the yellow spotted dress on you! I understand about it being a want more than a need. It's tough to convince yourself you need a canary yellow frock with giant blue and white spots. haha I would find a way to convince myself if I were you though, as it looks so great on you!

    <3 Liz