Sunday, 7 September 2014

Big ol' back

I ordered some bras from George because I need to chuck some of my old ones out (they've gone bad!). I ordered 4 thinking I might like one or two, but I love them all!
I'm not sure my boobs are really firm and bulgy enough to make the most of the sort of ribbon thing across the top, but the bra itself is a great shape for me. I got this in a 40E and it fits very well!
It's a good neutral pink too which is helpful because I hardly have any sensibly coloured bras any more!
I knew I'd like this one because it's the pale version of my deep dusky pink bra. It's so good for pushing my boobs forward and making them look big and round (which is not really their natural shape, but looks much better under clothes!). This is almost nude on me so I'll get loads of wear out of it. Got my normal 42DD in this.
Oooohhhhh la la! This makes my boobs look super awesome from the front and the side! It's a fantastic shelf bra and I'm completely in love with it! 42DD as usual.
This is  a more sensible bra as it straps me in more firmly, rather than pushing my boobs out. I needed one like this for some of my dresses that are tight on the bust. 42DD feels very sturdy and well constructed in this one. Total bargain!

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