Saturday, 20 September 2014

Neon lips

I really like bright lipsticks, but I often find that ones that look like they're bright end up bieng oddly pale and pastel-ish on my dark lips. The best colour I've ever found is the 106 (Neon red) from Stargazer, which is a colour I can get in nail polish but not in lipstick from anywhere else! It's basically a pinkish red with a bright neon look. My problem with it is that I hate the texture of stargazer lipstick. It's like sand and even with lip balm over the top I find it uncomfortable, so I took to the internet to look for other neon reds.
 I didn't find much. I'm waiting for a Limecrime lipstick to arrive in 'Retrofuturist', and I have my fingers crossed that it may be a similar colour to the stargazer one, but in terms of Neon lippys, the only full-on neon ones I could find were by a company called 'Janet'. I ordered the red first to see what the texture was like....
I was concerned that they may actually be the same lipsticks as Stargazer, but under a different name, but they're actually a much nicer texture. They're less gritty, more balmy. I'm not saying they're the best quality lipsticks in the world, but they're similar to (for example) Miss Sporty lipsticks. They're not gloss, or matte, they're somewhere inbetween. they have a bit of a shine basically, but they're flat colour (no glitter here!). I liked the Neon Red enough to order the Orange, Pink and Magenta colours too. The Neon red is almost a deep red-orange on me, it's hard to get pictures that show the true Neon brightness of these, but trust me, they're bright!
The orange issuper bright, you could see me from a mile off! How very on-trend!
 The pink is seriously neon - almost glow in the dark even thought it's not dark!
The Magenta lippy is great for me, because I've really been struggling to find a magenta that doesn't make me look weird! They always come out to pale and powdery on me, but this one is a good colour and texture but is still super bright.

You can find these on ebay if you search for 'Janet lipstick', they also have a acid yellow, purple, green and blue version, and you can get them for around £2.50. If you like obnoxious lipsticks then you might like these!


  1. That orange is amazing! The pinks are great too. Cheekbones looking good too!

  2. I always had good cheeks! I do wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to
    wear these neons to work - they're pretty bonkers..... probably will! xx