I started blogging after getting into other fatshion blogs. I consider myself to be a stylish woman, and the fact that I'm a size 22 / 24 has never stopped me trying to dress up and look my best, but it's hard work at my size, and frustration with the plus size clothing industry (or lack of it!) spurred me on to share my personal style. My aim with this blog is to inspire other fat women to be confident and adventurous in the way they dress and also to give honest reviews of plus size clothing. I don't write this blog because I want to work in the fashion industry, hell no! I don't do it to get free stuff either, and I will never promote clothing that I wouldn't buy & wear myself. This is my space, and I will always be totally honest about what I love, and what I hate!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not all about looks. I think that far to much emphasis is put on women to look good all the time, and nowhere near enough emphasis is put on being a good hearted and intelligent individual. I don't buy into the whole 'beauty = thin, tanned, wrinkle free, waxed, plucked and polished' standard, but I do believe that if you think you look good, you are more likely to feel good and that sort of confidence gives a woman power. What I'd like in the grand scheme of things is to walk down the street and see as many stylish fat women as I see stylish thin women, and to know that they are happy and confident on the inside no matter how many people try to tell them they shouldn't be!

If you want to read more about my feelings toward body acceptance then you can read my 'On a serious note' post here and the follow-up post 'The Wrong Scale' here.

You can email me at plumpparsnip at gmail dot com

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