Monday, 8 September 2014

New Additions & send backs

George (all size 24!)

 I don't have enough jumpers, and something about this toffee coloured one just called to me!
 Lady shirt! I wore this one to work today, i's nice and smart but cute at the same time.
I thought this would be a nice addition to my work wardrobe. It's fitted on me at the top and then gets bigger at the bottom, which will be a blessing on days when I'm feeling bloated! I think this will look really nice tucked into skirts because of the low collar.

Asos (all size 24)
I always looked at this dress and thought it looked lovely - sexy because it sort of looks like underwear, but smart and chic too because of it's simple cut. I was put off by the sheer panel because it'll make wearing chub-rub shorts underneath rather tricky so I left it in my wish list. Then I saw Mrs BeBe in it, looking all smart-sexy and reconsidered. When it went down to £16 I put it in my basket & I think it might be the right dress for my work do next week. I was expecting the fabric to be slinky, but it's more like a super-thick jersey. The 24 has a nice looseness to it, but if you want it more fitted then I'd advise to get your own size. I feel sexy in this, it's certainly worth £16!
I have this in black and white already. Love it just as much in orange!
I just figured I'd try this skirt because I like ruched waists and it is only £8 in the sale. It's a tad see-through in bright light but otherwise I really like it. Didn't need to get a 24 really as the waist is generous so that the belt ruche's the fabric when worn, but hey ho!
I don't think this dress is quite as nice in real life because the colour is a bit less blue and the acid wash is less obvious. I do this it could be a good staple piece in my wardrobe though so I think i'm keeping it! Glad I got a 24 in this, the 22 would have been really tight on my bust (as seems to be the case with loads of curve dresses recently!).

BTW, I tried this dress too...
It's exactly the same cut as my lovely teal wallpaper print dress, but made of jersey. Shame that the size 24 bust is so small that the stretched fabric turns white on me. The dress smelt disgusting too... must be the dye. Boo!
This size 24 on the other hand was so big that it was comical - I know it's supposed to be loose, but it's not a good enough shape to be that big! I think size DOWN is the thing to do here. I also think it's a real shame that the black section is jersey rather than the same fabric the nude section is made from, it skims my lumps and shows up all my cellulite despite being huge!

The 24 in this dress left no room for my bottom at all, so it was super tight across my tummy / hips / bum. Shame, the bodice is nice. One for the busty ladies with smaller lower halves, not for the big booty brigade I think!


  1. Can't wait to see you in the navy dress! Thanks for the shoutout too chuck x x x

  2. You're welcome! It gets on my tits when other bloggers buy things when they've seen me in them (and asked me about sizing etc) then never mention me in the blog posts.... if I bite someone's style then my readers should know about it! xx