Saturday, 5 January 2013

Not so very fabulous

I tried on my dorothy perkins and very orders and thought meh! To be honest I wasn't expecting much and I've got so many other sale items on thier way from new look and evans (not that any of that order is actually evans own brand!) and I fully intend to do a fucking massive asos curve order after my birthday so I don't really care! Bring on the reviews!

DP first, and I couldn't even get the jeggings on! I don't normally have a problem with jeggings from dp but these are sort of coated so they are way smaller than normal size 22 from dp. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I always have this problem with coated jeans so its no surprise!

The faux leather trousers on the other hand are ace. Very tight but super stretchy which is what I wanted. I didn't want any baggyness like you get with real leather so these are ideal, a bit short but I like ankle biters so that's fine by me. Obviously I'm not going to wear them like this, but with a rock chick top and some heels I think these will work. If any of you want some leather look trousers I genuinely recommend these - still available here in size 16-22 (get your normal size) in the DP sale for £20.
My very order was so disappointing. For one thing the pair of trousers I was really excited about didn't arrive with everything else (the feather print so fabulous cigarette trousers - fingers crossed they come soon) and I couldn't do up two of the pairs of trousers despite ordering the size 24. To be fair the smaller ones were both by 'south' and not the specialist plus size 'so fabulous' so again I was not shocked that they didn't fit. Shame as the pyjama print ones would have been my instant faves.

These South cuffed trousers are comfy and nice for wearing round the house so I'll keep them. They were only & so totally worth it. These are a 24 and although I could have fit the 22 waist-wise but I'm glad I sized up as they are snug on my thighs (everything is always snug on my thighs!). Only cost £7, still available in size 16-24 here.

These south pewter PU 'jeggings' (they so are not jeggings!) are sadly not for me, but fit wise these 24's were surprisingly big on my tummy so a 22 would have been better. My main problem is that the PU makes my legs stick together at the thigh and I can't really walk in them! However if you have smaller thighs than me, then there is something rather David Bowie about these that makes me happy - after all how often can you get metallic skin tight pants up to a size 24?! I reckon Bethany from Arched Eyebrow could pull these off. Only £8 still available in sizes 8-24 here!

This is a pretty skirt for a bargain price. It is much more gold in real life than on the site. I'm not going to wear it to be honest, because it doesn't feel very 'me'. That sounds wanky but its the best way to describe why I'm not keeping it. I recommend it to you guys though, because as shiny skirts go this is pretty cute. This is my normal size 22. Very stretchy and nicely fitted, available here for just £7.50!

More sale posts to come (as soon as it all arrives and I drag it home from work!) xx

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