Monday, 7 January 2013

Breaking the bank!

I'll try to keep this to a minimum word count - basically I ordered loads of sale stuff expecting to send at least half of it back, but as it turns out I'm keeping nearly all of it. Please excuse my navy leggings & white bra with all the black clothes btw! No links because some of this has now sold out but here is what I got....

New Look

Rainbow Crystals!
This lovedrobe dress looks much better in real life, but I can't keep it because it is too short for me. Recommend it to any ladies of average height or shorter! This is a 24. 22 would have been more fitted but probably a bit clingy too.

You may have seen Claire in this miss real London coat on twitter, I was pretty excited about this. Its a 24 and I was hoping it would be a bit looser, but I still like it. the pleather smells fishy and gross at the moment but hopefully that will wear off. Oh and I wish it had pockets but hey, it's only £21 in the inspire sale so bargain!

Now Evans (so much better when I'm not in the actual store!)

1st Samya dress. Great for work, unusual and I like it. This is a 24 but really I needed a 22. Sold out now so I'll keep this one and just live with the looseness!
2nd Samya dress and again this is a 24 but a 22 would have been a better fit. Again its now sold out so I'll keep the 24 and probably take it in a little bit on the torso. Note to self - get your normal size in Samya clothing!
White bra! This Lovedrobe dress is my favourite! the lace section is actually a bit stretchy (will still have to sew up the buttons across my boobs as normal though). This is a 24, a 22 would certainly have been too small for me.

This Samya jacket (size 24) is too big for me and totally the wrong length so it's going back. 
Clements Ribeiro trousers. These are a size 20 - they are a very generous cut so go one size down!

Thats me done. Will have to have another ebay clear-out now before my wardrobes collapse under their own weight!

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