Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Clements ribeiro sale hate-fest

Ergh. Why do I keep putting myself through the Evans experience?  It is not a shop for me and I need to accept that fact! I only went in to buy some of the red swan trousers. The only pieces I have from the first collection are the swallow print coat (super cool and I love it but it does make me look 4 sizes bigger than I am!) and the match-stick trousers. I love the trousers so thought I'd get the new version. Sadly they only had them in a size 30 and I needed a 20 so I thought I'd try some of the swan dresses. 

I already knew they would look shit on me because they are the same design and cut as the last collection and I was so incredibly disappointed that I became rather indignant about the collection as a whole. I had a rant on the lovely Lauren pocket rocket blog in fact. At the risk of being heartily disliked I will now explain my feelings.

My reaction was mainly because all the plus size bloggers were going nuts for the collection and in all honesty I thought that 80% of the women wearing the clothes looked dreadful in them. Women who I have seen looking amazing in dresses from elsewhere. The 20% who fitted the cuts looked fantastic but generally I thought the clothes looked way better on the hanger than on actual bodies. Most of the ladies looked swamped by these over long shapeless dresses because the cut was so bad that they had no choice but to size up. 

My opinion of this 2nd collection is exactly the same. Nice ideas badly executed. too expensive, nasty fabrics and too bloody long! It is no wonder that all the dresses were made to look shapely with the addition of fucking massive belts in the promotional photographs (I still have not forgiven Evans for using belts that weren't actually available to buy).

My personal experience is obvious from the photos. The green dress was a 24, the others 22. My fellow bloggers are more positive than me and I love them for it, but I just can't be positive about clothes that look like this on me! Any woman lacking my insanely high body-confidence would have been excused some serious body-loathing after this particular changing room session. But as an owner of nearly 100 dresses I know for a fact that this fit is not the norm! 

So tight on the thighs and bust. And the arms were unbearable! Admittedly the red dress is nice, but I'd need a 24 to accommodate my arms and bosom, so that would sadly ruin the fit under bust and waist. The green dress was the worst even though it was supposed to be a size bigger than the other 2!

I left the changing room chastising myself for walking all the way to Evans and being late home because of it. On my way out I was really struck by the fact that I couldn't see a single item in the shop the I would buy. Most if it I wouldn't wear even it were free. What I really don't understand its why all the other Arcadia group shops are so much better..... Topshop is amazing, Dorothy Perkins has it's moments and Miss Selfridges is great for younger girls. Why does Evans have to be so frumpy & boring?! Sigh..... I will try to get the trousers online of course, and I will happily write a little blog about how comfy and cool they are but I imagine my order will end there.

This is just one woman opinion of course. Each to their own. I am fully aware that the world would be a nightmare if everyone thought and dressed just like me, but I simply cannot believe that I'm the only plus size woman who thought the Swan collections were a huge disappointment?!.


  1. Mostly I agree with you. I sold the Swan dress I bought still with the tags on. I love how it looks on others thought.

    T x

  2. No i thought the dresses were boxy and shapeless with out the wide belts which i was also really frickin annoyed they didnt include in the collection since allllll of the darn shots of the clothes have the nice thick belts which are hard to find in a plus size
    I also hated a majority of the colors and prints but then Evans is not my fave company they tend to sell granny clothes