Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mixed bag - sale dress fest.

While I was home for Christmas I went to Asda to look around the George sale. The changing rooms were closed so I just bough a couple of dresses for £8 each thinking that they're so cheap it doesn't matter if I didn't like them!
The first one is a size 20. I sort of think this is a bit boring for me - I do like to stand out from the crowed!. I like the shape and the stretch fabric, but the pattern is all a bit muted for my liking, and I'd like a lower neckline! Oh well, I'll wear it to work and see if I change my mind!

Okay I'm officially giving up on peplum dresses for good! They just don't suit me. For those of you who do suit them this dress is actually really comfy. Thick and stretch material. I found it too tight on my bosom but that's quite normal for me!
I am genuinely sad about this lovely dress from Very (Myleene Klass collection). I knew I was in trouble the moment I felt the fabric. Theres no give to it at all, and it's lined with non-stretch fabric too. it is just way to tight on my bust. WOE IS ME! I'd been waiting for this dress to go on sale for months and months (40 something pounds down from 60 something!) and I really love the mask print.
MAJOR gaping. I couldn't sew it up because I'd end up with flattened boobs. Very sad to send this back. I can't size up because this is size 24 and that's the biggest in this range. Besides which the waist and length was perfect so even if I could size up to fit my bust it would have ruined the dress on my shape. I'm consoling myself with the fact that I was expecting this to be a pale peach colour (like the pictures on the website), but when it arrived its a dark muddy coral colour, which doesn't really suit me anyway. WAAAHHHHH!!!
 Another Very purchase. This one is from the So fabulous collection so it comes in a massive selection of sizes. I got this in a 22 after reading some of the reviews saying it was a generous cut. you may have seen Naomi in it here and it works well on her shape. For me though I thought the cut was odd. the waist is just under my bust and because the top is designed to have a looseness to it I just look too boxy.
I wasn't quite willing to give up on this though, for a number of reasons. 1-it has long sleeves. 2-it's was only £22 in the sale. 3-the 'copper' colour is almost rose gold to my eyes, and there is nothing I love more than rose gold. 4-look at how in-your-face it is! I wanted to wear this for NYE 'cause it reminded me of fireworks! I think it looks much better with a belt. I'm still thinking about this dress. I will have to do something very rare and ask my boyfriends opinion!
Lets end on a high note! I bloody knew this 'so fabulous' Very coat would be amazing! Love it. It's not very thick so not great for full-on winter, but I got the size 24 so that I could wear big jumpers underneath (the arms are so joyously spacious!). The coat is on sale for £27 and I highly reccomend it!

Knowing that I'm sending back the Myleene Klass dress means that I can now buy the sale stuff I wanted from ASOS, so off I go to order up a storm! xx

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  1. I need a copper dress like that in my life.