Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Swans, polka-dots and the whole galaxy

I have a terrible cold at the moment and I'm in no mood to look at my red puffy face (hence the headless images - vanity, thy name is woman!) but clothes-wise I got lots of lovely new stuff today! This is my Domino dollhouse skirt. In all honesty I'm not blown away by the overall shape of it, mainly because it is almost midi-length on me and the pockets stick out in a lumpy way. Its shaped with a very curvy woman in mind - not curvy meaning fat, but curves like very big hips and a much smaller waist. Not my shape (sadly!). I'll be sad to loose the pockets, but I'm tempted to sew them up to get a smoother silhouette. Actually like it better in the pics than I did when looking in the mirror having said that! On the plus side the fabric is thick and stretchy - great for winter, and the galaxy print fabric is beyond delicious!
This is the first of 3 dresses from Simply be (all size 22 via the crazy clearance website) all of which I'd seen on the simply be site and liked, but which I had no intention of spending over £40 on. I wasn't sure if this dress would sit well on me, because on the site the image made the waist section look much deeper than it actually is. When I saw Rachel from a dress is for life in it I could see that it was actually a really flattering shape. This looks better in real life, and it's supersoft stretch jersey. An instant favourite and only £19.50.
I think I like this dress?! Not bad for £20. Colour is lovely and bright, and has a nice low neck. I think I'll grow to love it because I love polka dots! Again, super soft jersey. As always seems to be the way, the dress fits me but the belt that came with it does not. Too small so it's in the bin. Added my ASOS kissing turtle belt instead, because it does need the waist definition. Doesn't work too well with a big belt in my opinion.
I had this in my basket so many times when it was full price before deciding that was too expensive. But I was happy to spend £27.50 (and 10% off for registering with crazy clearance) and I do love it. What I love most is that it has full length sleeves - almost impossible to find even in winter for some reason! The fabric is so slinky, if there was no pattern it would look dreadful on me as I'm sure it would make every lump look like a mountain, but with this heavy pattern I can get away with it. I also makes my boobs look big from all angles, which I always enjoy! I really recommend this dress as it's smart enough for work and fitted enough to still look sexy.
The flash really doesn't do my thighs any favours does it?! Next up, forever 21+ jeans (feel more like stretch cotton trousers to me but whatever!). I don't care if these suit me or not. They are flourscent pink polka dot trousers and I'm bloody keeping them! Love that they are ankle-biters. these are a US20, supposedly a UK24 (hummmmmmm......)
The blue version, which are supposed to be the exact same jeans, also a US size 20.... couldn't even get them done up! Typical forever 21, sizing is massively inconstant! I'm a 22/24 in jeans, so if your a 20/22 then get these because they are so cool. I probably would have got more wear out of the blue pair, but as I was desperate for some neon jeans in the summer and never managed to get any I'm happy with the pink! Only cost £19.75.

Thats all from me for now. Goodnight my lovelies!

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