Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lucky girl

Having managed to get my hands on the Anna Scholz for simply be feather print maxi dress on eBay for £35 (less than 1/2 the normal price) I was feeling rather chuffed this week.
It's a 24 so it is no longer riding up my backside! I'm make up free in these pics... don't be frightened! Also not sure that taking the pics after a massive roast pork dinner was the best idea, but never-mind!

So anyways, I visited primark at lunchtime on Friday (it was manic) with the intention of buying some Christmas stuff for my family. Sadly the marble arch store seems to have been ransacked so I didn't end up with anything festive, but I did find a couple of awesome things while I was there which I will show you now!

I am very happy about this cardi and top - I've been coveting an elbow patch cardi like this from asos (here) for ages so to find one for a tenner was great! 

I was mad for the woodland creature peplum top from asos as soon as it appeared on their website, but I just don't suit peplums - I don't have the right body shape ( unlike mrs bebe who looks fabulous in it - see here) so I just had to accept that I couldn't have that lovely print and moved on. Then hey-presto I find a top in Primani that has almost exactly the same print! There is a smaller variety of animals on it but I still love it. 

They had sold out of size 20 so I got the 18 and crossed my fingers - luckily it's pretty generous so it fits fine, and I guess the 20 would probably fit up to a size 24. 

I got a couple of other things that are regular buys from Primark too. Firstly they do my absolute favourite leggings for winter - they are basically like super thick opaque tights but softer and with stirrups instead of feet. 

I don't have a good relationship with tights, I have found it pretty much impossible to buy any that fit me, and even when they do my thighs chafe like mad and I end up walking like Clint Eastwood! 

These are my alternative. They're comfy and they come in quite a few colours. I have loads of black pairs, but the burgundy / grey and blue are all new colours. 

The other thing I always seem to get from primark are hair doughnuts!  Last time I went in I got some mini ones, this time I came out with a massive one!

I like them because they're quick to use. I just put my hair in a ponytail.....

Put the ponytail through the doughnut......

Then I push my hair backwards from the centre of the ponytail over the doughnut and pop a hairband over the whole thing. 

Bit if pinning underneath and it's done! Not sure if this is the proper way to do it but it works for me.
That's all folks!

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