Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A galaxy of prints

I have just ordered the quite spectacular 'Galaxy Pencil Skirt' from Domino Dollhouse. For years I have loved Galaxy prints, and for years I've had problems getting anything that fits me. I have a Galaxy print wiggle dress from Marks and Sparks, but is doesn't have actual PLANETS on like the Domino Dollhouse print!
I didn't go for the skater dress, because I don't think the style would have suited me - but this skirt, ahhhh sexy..... ness! Pockets from heaven! I was so sad when I missed out on the bone print dress from the Urban Mermaids collection (my boyfriends surname is 'Bone' & it amused me!) so I got right in there this time. P's, I used the code RMN10 and got 10% off my order. Not sure if it will still work, but worth a try!

So here is the thing, I keep checking Very all the time to see if this mask print dress has been reduced. I've 
wanted it for ages, but  no luck. Sadly it has lead me to snooping at some of their new 'so fabulous' items. 
I'm not allowed to buy anything at the moment because of my Domino Dollhouse purchase, but I wanted to 
share some of the stuff I think is cool!

I just like moustaches okay?!
I also like star prints!
These trousers are pretty bonkers, and there is a serious camel-toe situation going on, but I think I sort 
of love them... I do love scotty dogs so that might be the reason, more so than the cut!
This is my favorite (puts 'A horse is not a home' by Miike Snow on Spotify and considers options!).
There are also a couple of non-patterned items I'm loving - both studded. This dress is sex-on-legs. I love
the detailed neckline.Seems to have a couple of good reviews, but might be too short for me personally!

I imagine this jacket would go with everything.
Thats it, I must stop thinking about clothes now (even though I'm having a bit of an ebay bid-fest at the moment, 

and will therefore need to sell some more of my own wardrobe on there very soon!)

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