Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Damn you George!

Oh my giddy aunt! I was planning to do an ASOS wishlist, but having realised that there were only 2 items from Curve that I actually like (only one of which I would be tempted to buy) I thought I'd spend my lunch hour browsing some stores that I have been ignoring for a while. George (Asda) has some things that are making me weak at the knees, and I've had to make a sneaky little order before they sell out in my size!

Before I go on though, George only seem to go up to a size 24, and many things (like blazers for instance) only go up to a 20. Ridiculous! I'm sorry, but ASDA of all places cannot be snobbish or sizeist without hating on their own customers.... I've been to ASDA many times and it ain't no Marks and Spenser's - fix up please George of Asda!

I could not resist this dress. I know I don't need any more dresses, but it was only £18 and I've wanted a forest print for TIME!
Sadly this jumper has sold out in my size. Didn't stop me wanting it very badly!
How can you get such a good party dress for only £20?! I love this metallic rose dress and it's available in 2 colours. I already have my Christmas party dress (this sexy little Kiyonna number to be precise), but I would have gone for this if I was still looking for something special. Almost got it anyway thinking I could wear it on Christmas day with the fam, but decided that one of my many stretchy dresses would be better as I'll be eating myself into a Christmas coma!
This cardi is odd and I love it! From the 'Graduate fashion week' collection and for £12 couldn't be more perfect. Long sleeves, short at the back and high at the neck. Love at first sight. I've ordered it and hope it fits nicely because I know I'll wear it with all my short sleeved dresses if it does. Fingers crossed!
 I just like these joggers so I've ordered them. I need more comfy trousers for kicking about in!

Again, quite an impressive sparkly dress for £20. I think this would be very impressive at a Christmas do with some nice jewelry!
 I just like the print on this dress.
This dress looks like such a flattering shape, and is very on-trend with it's 'military' colour pallet!
Finally, I've always liked George Bras. They do bras for big boobs and go to bands above 38 - which is something that many other bra manufactures don't do, and it gets right on my raving titties to be honest!. Some of my favorite balconette bras are from George, and I ordered this one to try because it's so very pretty (and only £8, which is amazing for a 42DD bra!)
I've added this one to the list because it is very similar to an Ann Summers bra I have, but at a quarter of the price. So sexy and feminine!

Thats it folks! Hopefully I'll be as excited about all this when the items I ordered arrive.......

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