Monday, 12 November 2012

Ups and downs with George

My George order arrived today. I ordered 4 things. 2 I'm keeping and 2 I'm sending back. Here are my reviews...
Bit sad about this dress. I went for a size 24 because I didn't know how stretchy it would be. My shift dresses from George are all a 24 because the 22 always flattens my boobies! I really don't like the fabric. I was kind of expecting a nice stretch cotton feel (not actual cotton of course) but it feels very synthetic and thick - it's like a 70 fabric.
 The patterns good, but the dress itself really doesn't sit right on me.....
 It's far too short. once it's over my bum it is a mini!
The neck is all baggy and sticks out in the middle so it's not comfortable and looks too big across the shoulders. It's going back.
 I'm going to keep this cardi. It is a little bit odd (can you see where the seams are on the arms / shoulders?!) but it's kind of cute and I will get lots of wear out of it.
I do like the split at the back - it's a good bum cardi. I also like a high neck because I get well chilly this time of year if I wear my hair up. It's good to have the extra warmth from a high neck!
 Joggers! Not the most attractive of items but I needed some more comfy bottoms to kick around the flat in, and I refuse to wear regular jogging bottoms because they disgust me (not when exercising of course, just when worn as lounge pants) and wearing my zumba joggers at home would be a sure sign that I no longer felt sexy! These have zip pockets and look a bit like tweed so I find them acceptable! They're a size 22, and are just about long enough for me. They're quite loose round my waist, but any smaller and they would be very stretched over my bum!
 Check out the ass though. My boyfriend is really going to like these joggers!
My only complaint is that the ankle is massive. I think these are supposed to be tight on the ankle, but as I've said before, when manufacturers just size up a whole garment then the fit is often going to be odd on plus size women. I have bigger ankles than a size 8 woman for sure (my inability to fit into many boots - even so called extra wide ones from Evans - proves this) but they are not this bloody big! I think I will probably take these in a bit at the bottom, because I want them to keep my ankles warm, and at the moment they are too baggy and not long enough to do that.
The last item I ordered was this bra. Basically it fitted nicely but made my boobs too flat. I like them to stick out like they're sitting on a shelf so I'm sending this back!
I think this might be the first bra I've written about on my blog? I love women's bodies, and I think many Women feel empowered by getting naked and letting people see them in their full glory - more power to them, I'm not prudish. For me personally though I have a myriad of reasons for not wanting to get too much of my kit off on the internet. Family, work & my own privacy being amongst them. I will happily review undies when I order them, but I'm never going to put pictures of me in my undies up on the blog - not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed by my body in anyway, but because that is for me and my man to enjoy and I'd like to keep that special and just between us. I don't think he would mind at all, but for me there is something nice about him being the only guy who gets to see me naked or in sexy undies (how soppy I am!). In addition to this, I'm am not naive enough to believe that all of the people looking at fatshion blogs are there for the clothes, particularly men. I'm not sexist enough to believe that none of them are either may I add! I know that men get sick of models and pornstars and just like to look at real-life women going about their business, and I get it - many bloggers are hot and it is natural to get sexually excited by hot women (I'm not going to lie, seeing Gabifresh in her stripy bikini made me feel like a horny teenage boy for more than a few minutes!) and I genuinely don't think there's anything wrong with that.... unless of course it makes the woman in question feel uncomfortable or objectified. After all men can turn ANYTHING into porn with a little bit of imagination, but I'm not about to make it easy for them. I digress.....

A bit of a mixed bag overall this George order. I'm a bit pissed off actually, because I didn't realise that George doesn't offer free returns. You can't even return it to store unless you collected it from store. Yes I realise that I should have checked the return info before I ordered, but I still think it's a bit lame!


  1. The cardigan is really cute, and I think it looks a-mazing with that red dress underneath!

    Shame about the first dress, it creates that sexy hourglass effect - but I know what you mean about the fabric feeling too thick and bulky, hate that!

    New follower! :)

    1. Welcome to my ranty blog! The dress is odd, because it looks better in the pictures (from far away) than it does close-up. In real life the line of the landscape under the central section of trees hits me on the biggest part of my belly, so it really looks lumpy from eye height. I tend to prefer dresses that accentuate my natural shape rather than create a fake hourglass. I can look hourglassy with the right dress. Shame because the print is lovely!

  2. You look hott!!! I want that first dress and the joggers!!! Love em xx

    1. Why thank you! I'll be getting lots of wear out of the joggers for sure.