Sunday, 25 November 2012

Party dress give-away!

I have a dangerous dress obsession which means that I regularly have to have a big clear out… one in, one out as it were! Below are some examples of stuff I've sold on the old Ebay - I haven't got anything up at the moment but if you fancy keeping and an eye on my selling page it's here - I'll tweet when I add new items! 
One of the odd things about ebay though, is that some of the items I expect to sell for 99p sell for £30, and others I expect to sell for £30 don't sell at all. This is the case with a lovely Party dress from Next that I had up there. I've had it for years and although it was quite expensive I have never worn it! I want it to go to a nice home - to someone who will appreciate (and wear) it, so I am giving it away to one of my readers (if anyone wants it that is!).
Here is a very rough Plumpparsnip modelling it very badly! The slippers really set the outfit off don't you agree?!
It technically a size 24, but it's a very small 24 and has no stretch so it's actually a size 22. Lovely detailing on the back.
There is a satin lining, with a net overlay and gold glitter polka dots.
Cute pink piping. It's a lovely dress that would be perfect for a Christmas party, and it's quite boobylishious too!
If you want this dress I'll post anywhere within the UK. All you have to do (apart from promise you'll send me a pic of you wearing it to put on the blog - face & name can be left out for privacy purposes if needs be) is leave a message on this post telling me what you would wear the dress to, and what mischief you intend to get up to on said night.... whoever tickles me the most will win the dress!


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