Saturday, 22 December 2012

Faux Christmas!

My boyfriend and I have been having a lovely fake Christmas before we go to opposite sides of the country for real Christmas. This pic is from Faux Christmas Eve. These earrings are from the V&A's 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition btw, which is friggin' awesome - anyone who is London should check it out!

Just had on the swan print tea dress from Simply be and a primark cardi. Takin' it easy!

It's all about food for us at Christmas. Presents okay yeah, but can any gift compare to duck & grand mariner pate on toasted Brioche, or ginger glazed ham with butternut squash, piccante Gorgonzola, creamed leeks and a snowball?! I think not!
 Ahhhhhh faux Christmas day! The fascinator is actually part of a Mr Claus outfit I have for Tonight.
On with an old fave, my polka dot Queen of Holloway swing dress. I'm wearing an old floral cardi from Primark with it for a bit of clash (and warmth!) and of course my primani Rudolph slippers. I've got some of these for my sister too, because I really love mine!
My boyfriends mum has got my number, check out the cute hat and mitten set she got me from Next!
 As Always I've gone massively over the top with the Christmas dinner (sprouts, gravy & bread sauce are all on the stove behind me in this pic!) and there is probably enough for 6 massive dinners. I blame the supermarkets selling everything in bags.... always too many potatoes etc but never mind, we are both very greedy and will be having leftovers on Sunday before we go to catch our separate trains. I'll need a full belly tor travel on as I'm going to be trying to get to the West Country and the trains are bolloxed!
I'll probably do some real Christmas blogging from my family's place via my phone. I'm planning to get my mum & sister involved (and maybe my super stylish little nephew!
Happy Faux Christmas to you all!  xx

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