Friday, 4 January 2013

A love letter to ASOS Curve

This is not a sponsored post BTW, it's just my thoughts. Asos may not consider an old lady like me to be their target audience but they would be wrong! 

I was trying to decide what to ask my sister for this year for my 31st birthday (which is occurring very soon!) and I decided to ask for ASOS vouchers. When it comes to plus size clothes ASOS have really just been smashing it recently, and after my depressing visit to Evans I found myself wishing that ASOS Curve was available on the high street. I would have the opposite problem then and would want nearly everything! 

Admittedly I've had ups and downs with ASOS in terms of quality / sizing / cut. I also get wound up by their Curve models who are too small for the clothes, for their blatant photoshopping, for not going above a size 26 and for sending out clothing that is not the same as the version shown in the images on the website. But because they are savvy enough to offer free delivery / returns, and sell cool clothes for bargain prices I can accept these annoyances and will continue to be a loyal customer.

I can't think of a single plus size retailer who comes near them in terms of style and range. Sometimes they have such weird and wonderful things, and they give me the option of wearing styles and trends that I could never get anywhere else. I was overwhelmed when I looked at the site today, there are SO MANY amazing things on offer that I want. I will have to wait a while to make an order ('till after my Birthday I think!), but I genuinely want ALL of these pieces and my god I hope to see some of you foxy ladies rocking some of this gear in the near future. I find the stuff below is genuinely exciting. I'd be very tempted to pair the striped peplum with the checked skirt just for even more in-your-faceness!

Really want this one.

 Bonkers belt!
 Cape on a dress?! Yes please!
 I'm having this dammit!

 Long sleeves, body-con, knee length, floral, low neckline.... did I design this dress?! I MUST HAVE IT!

 This is one of the cutest dresses I've seen in ages. I want to frolic in the fields wearing this!

If this top is as good I think it is then I would wear it with everything!

Thats all folks, I'll be reviewing my sale purchases from Dorothy Perkins & Very this weekend so stay tuned as it were xx

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