Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Looking rough in new stuff

Hi All, I thought I'd show you some new bits and bobs I have. I don't feel ill at the moment but I look ill! Not feeling quite as fabulous as usual thanks to my skin suddenly going bonkers, but for me 'not quite as fabulous as normal' is still quite fabulous so I posed my big ass off anyway!

 First up I went to Primani to get some essentials (for me and the boyf!) and came back with a couple of bargains. First one was this cardi on sale for £5 - I don't have any pale cardi's so this should come in handy.
It's tricky to photograph but there are little flecks of turquoise, pink and silver sparkles in it. It's really soft and comfy!
My camera is having real focus issues tonight. Whatever, you get the jist right?! Another £5 sale bargain from Primark. I desperately needed a massive super warm cardi because it's so cold in my bedroom (where I'm typing this now) and I keep going to bed shivering. This is amazingly warm and I love it!
Theres something of a vintage feel to this print I think. In love!
Yes I look in-fucking-sane, but you know what? This is a size 20 body suit with bright orange fringing and I'm in heaven! Utterly cool. It's actually very generous size-wise and would fit a size bigger than me - considering that I'm a 22 -24 that's pretty awesome for us bigger gals. It's long enough in the body for me (a MIRACLE!) and is super stretchy. I wanted it to wear with patterned trousers and skirts that I find it hard to match tops to. I'm tempted to get some other body suits from Primark for the same reason.... handy, and would keep my tights up!
 Next up is this cute lipstick print dress from Forever 21+. I decided to try it out for size (this is a 3XL, their biggest size) because I love the print. It's too short for me sadly so I have to send it back.
I don't know how to describe the fabric, it's much more slinky and stretchy and shiny than I was expecting. It's also ever so slightly sheer but as it comes with a slip that doesn't matter.
If your interested you can get it here.

I'll be back with a review of a delicious new ASOS dress as soon as it arrives!

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