Friday, 22 March 2013

Mad men diva

Another Friday, another diva outfit! 

Marred by the bullshit weather again sadly, so yet again I'm wearing friggin' boots! Seriously I am beyond bored of all my boots.

This is an old m&s Autograph dress. Hard to show the detail of this dress, but it's very well structured. Navy ponte, really comfy and always reminds me of Joan from Mad Men. Grey leggings (as always!) from Primark. Little brooch for decoration!

If I was happy to be uncomfortable all day I'd wear a waspie or big belt to give me a (fake) waist for more of a 'Joan' look, but frankly it's just not for me! 

I have a body suit on underneath to smooth my belly out a tad, but its a sexy Ann Summers one not an industrial 'suck me in' type! Comfort is key with me.
It's the Ann Summers 'Giselle' body. Stretch satin in red leopard print?! Love it!

An image taken without flash? Yey! I wanted to wear my hair up with this dress, but it just wouldn't behave today, and actually it was so chilly I'm glad I wore it down! Thank goodness my skin is clearing up a bit though. Good old YSL is hiding the worst of it. Kept the make up simple today. Just in case your interested I wear Max factor false lash effect mascara, Loreal superliner (luminizer blue eyes today, but normally black) and Revlon Just Bitten balm stain in 'romantic'. I love these balms, and this one is my favourite - I really wanted a red with orange tones rather than pink (when I have bright red hair) and this was perfection!
Vintage grey boots, seriously worn out, but I sort of love knackered boots. It's the 14 year old grungy Nirvana fan in me I think!

Keeping fingers crossed for decent weather next dress like a diva day, but I feel I'll be wearing more damn boots!

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