Friday, 15 March 2013

Rock Diva

'Tis Dress like a Diva Friday again. Frankly the weather has been playing havoc with my diva days. I'm so sick of having to wear boots, big coats and hoods. I have so many spring coats and lovely shoes but I keep having to dress according to what I have to put on my feet! It's annoying frankly.

Having said that I do so love this ASOS curve swing dress (available here) which I have taken to calling my 'Matrix' Dress.

I figured that if I had to wear man boots that I had better go for a bit of a grungy look, so I decided on smoky green eyes. This is a Mac shadow from a delicious pallet I bought years ago. I hardly ever wear eye shadow nowadays, but I used to so I have every colour you could ever think of. Should use them more, especially the mac pots that were £15 each!
I also scrunched my hair up a bit to make it wavy (and scruffy!).

Anyway, fingers crossed next week I'll get good enough weather to forgo big clumpy boots!


  1. You look gorgeous , loving the eyemakeup xxx

  2. Awesome dress and pretty eyeshadow.

  3. You are so pretty! i Love your eye shadow too.