Wednesday, 6 March 2013

South-East to West

Oh the utter joy of being back in London! Had to go to my home town for a few days, and one of the good things about that is that it means I can go to a few shops I normally can't get to. I'll show you what I wore, and what I bought!

In my home town I wore a vintage dress with some pixi boots from Primark.
 Love the pattern!
 On the shopping day I wore my trusty old Ruby Rocks mini skater dress and some Nike trainers (gotta be comfortable if I'm shopping!).

My first trip was to New Look - I know I can go to New look in London and find Inspire range, but in my home town they have a much better selection of the inspire range. In addition people there don't want to wear the interesting pieces they sell, so I always get good sale stuff! Anyway, I'm super happy that I managed to find some chain linked double stud earrings, which I've been trying to find for ages. I though I was going to have to make some! These are £3.99 per ear.
Ahhhhh home sweet (messy) home! I'm wearing the trousers I got in the Very sale a while back, still available here in a few sizes but you can get something similar by so fabulous here for a bargain price, or from simply be here if you want to get fleeced! The top is actually a maternity top I got in the George sale at Christmas (out of desperation to find a plain black top to wear with my numerous patterned trousers / skirts!).
So I also went to George this week which is a genuine treat, as I don't have a big Asda anywhere near me in London, and the website is shite because it never has plus sizes in stock. Hooray for superstores! I had to have this mac - I've never had a real red coat (it's not a bright as the flash makes it look!) and this is so cute. I had to get the 24 as the 22 was too tight across my back & bust.
Only £28, happy with this! It's on their site here, but (of course!) not available in most of the bigger sizes.....
One of the things I like about George is that they do pretty bras in my size, and they are both cheap and comfortable! Available for £6 here. Yeah that's right £6! Insane!

On to the rest of my New look Haul. I got these 'high waisted' super stretchy skinny jeans for £12. This picture is just to show you the jeans and the flash does me no favours - I would never wear them like this because the fabric is too thin and stretchy and the lumpyness of my belly looks very untidy! You can get them here. The 22 were too tight on my bum and calves so I had to go for the 24. They're a bit looser on my belly than is ideal but it does make them quite comfy. Top is yonks old from Primark.

Thing is with high waisted jeans is that my big round butt is too big for them, so they are relatively high waisted at the front but not at the back! Shoes from TKmaxx.
The other pair of jeans I got were these cuffed ones. Also in the sale for £12. In New look I think I would be a size 23... a 22 is normally to small for me but a 24 is too big, or at least they will normally become too big after an hours wear and will then be given to charity like every other pair I've every bought from there! These are a 22, but because they are designed to be loose they are actually a pretty perfect size on me, and have already loosened up on the belly a bit. I think these may become a fave which is good as my poor DP blue skinnies are beyond repair now and have to go in the bin... WAHHHHH!!! These particular jeans have sold out on line but they have another pair of cuffed ones in New Look here. Top is yonks old from Primark, shoes from crocs.

See you on 'Dress Like a Diva' Friday! xx

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