Friday, 1 March 2013

Dress like a Diva

 So I decided that Fridays from now on would be 'Dress like a Diva' day. Not that I don't normally dress like a diva of course, I reserve the right to do so whenever I please, but I though it would be nice to have one day of the week when I really go to town!

Hair Doghnut - Primark
Face - Mainly YSL
Double chin - My own
Necklace - Primark
Dress - Marks & Spencers Autograph circa 2006
Diamante cuff - Primark
Stirrup leggings - Primark
Boots - Vintage

Diva face! 85% of my dresses are patterned, but I do actually own some nice plain dresses too. I figured that Divas wear black a lot, so it was time to get (one of my) LBD's out.
Luckily it was bright enought this morning to do a non-flash shot, so you can really see the dress. I've had this for so many years and I still love it. It's from Autograph and I got it for £15 in the sale and I just loved the neckline and slinky (but heavy fabric)
When I got it home I didn't like the hem line so I sewed some elastic into thebottom and turned it into a bubble hem. 
Deco baby! A diva has to accessorize, but I have a few jewellery rules, I don't normally wear necklaces with patterned dresses (definitely not long ones), I don't wear earrings if I wear a necklace and vice versa, I don't wear earrings if I have in hair accessories, I don't wear a bracelet and a ring on the same hand & I don't wear gold and silver together. It's a personal thing.... I also won't wear anything other than lip balm or nude lipstick if I have lots of eye make up on, and wear minimalistic eye makeup if I'm wearing lots of lippy. To quote the Mighty Boosh, "There's such a thing as having too much going on in your face, you know. All a bit too busy. All the features jostlin' for position. Yeah? The eyes screaming out, the nose.... very visually noisy." This pretty much sums up how I feel about jewellery and makeup. I look like a drag queen if I try to wear everything at once!
 AAAAAAAnyway, the other annoying thing about me is my inability to wear bracelets. They drive me mad! I have big wrists but I also work with my hands a lot and they get in the way. These little beauties are great because they are fabric cuffs that have been blinged up. I have a few and don't really notice that I'm wearing them.
You can probably tell that these boots are vintage huh?!

Thats all folks, come back next Friday for another OTT outfit!


  1. Looking lovely I love a bit of diva xx

  2. That's a great necklace.