Friday, 29 March 2013

Aztec Cowgirl

Low key Diva Friday admittedly, but to be honest the only reason I got dressed today was because I had to go and get some groceries!
Anyway, today felt like a denim day, but I didn't want to wear jeans, so here is the result...
I did that thing today where I washed my hair and then sat on my bed with a towel on my head until my hair was half dry. Therefore my fringe has parted in the middle and I look a bit odd!
I used a tinted moisturiser this morning because I couldn't be arsed with my normal routine.....

I now realise that it is too pale for me. Oh well, the flash sure does show all the bad stuff, but it's good to know!
Spread 'em!
Being realistic, I'm not going to keep the shirt done up today, because all I have planned is making a casserole followed by syrup sponge pudding, then eating it with my beloved while watching Eddie Murphy 'Raw' and choking with laughter.
So then, outfit details... The shirt is vintage - I'm selling something similar in my new permanent blog shop here!. The skirt and leggings are from Primark, and the boots are from Crocs, still available here (for half what I paid for 'em!) but only in a couple of sizes. Similar style here.

Just to finish up, I got some mega bargains from Primark (Marble Arch) yesterday. Work had the afternoon off so I wandered up to Primani on the way home to get another body (as I said in my previous post about the fringed body, they're excellent and I knew I had to have more than one!). Happily for me I got some real bargains! The body was on sale for £3! Happy Cass. I also got this super cute cardi reduced to £5, which has a kissing flamingo print on it. Chuffed because I've wanted a beige cardi with long sleeves for ages. The pink (glow-in-dark!) wellies were also reduced to £5. I always wanted some of the original Melissa ones (that these are copied from), but I've never spent more than a tenner on wellies in my life and I don't intend to start any time soon. I really recommend these to girls with massive calves like me, they are very generous round the ankle! The best thing though was the glitter jelly wedges. I saw these the last time I was in Primark but they only had small sizes and I was heart broken. Thank goodness they re-stocked because I love them! There is a very strong possibility that I will not wear them out and about much because peep-toes ALWAYS give me terrible blisters, but I'll wear them in the flat & when people come over or if I got to places that I know won't involve much walking! On the plus side they feel quite comfy when on, and the platform is so big that the actual heel tilt is only about 1.5 inches - perfect for girls like me who want some height but can't walk in proper heels! Anyway, they were £10 and they make me sickeningly happy, so totally worth the money in my view! You can actually get exactly the same pair from New Look here, but be warned, you'll pay double for 'em!

Happy Easter one and all!


  1. Aww I love those glitter y shoes and that cardi is too adorable

    1. I know! I can't wait to wear them in an outfit post! x