Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday

Pah to the cold grey weather! The boyf' and I didn't get dressed until after 6pm, which is outrageous, but felt so so good today!
Today is a day for music, comedy and good food (which means I'm cooking!) so I fancied getting a bit girly!
The chicken is in the oven, and I'm about to get peeling. Nothing better than a roast on a Sunday!
This is one of my Queen of Holloway dresses. It has Parisian scenes all over it! The shoes and cardi are both from Primark.
So cute right?!
I had to do quite a lot of customisation on this particular dress (I've not had that problem with any of the other QOH dresses I have btw), as I couldn't do it up over my norks when it arrived, and I really couldn't part with it because I love the print so much! Basically I turned it back to front and expanded the bust using the lining. It was a very untidy job but it seems to have worked. It's now extremely low-cut but I don't mind!
I'm wearing my old lancom juicy crayon today - I'd forgotten how delicious they are! Don't often wear pale pink lippy but this one is so sheer that I love it.

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