Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ridiculous sizing strikes again!

I have had two horribly crap parcels full of clothes today. The Dorothy Perkins one was just so disappointing that I couldn't even muster the will to photograph it! Dress was SO SHORT and 'Royal blue' jeggings were purple (didn't even take them out of the package to try them on). Going back.

My forever 21 order was unsurprisingly rediculous.

The 3XL (UK 24 apparently) leather look skirt was tiny - sorry no pic, sold out now (until I return it!).

I could get into the size 3XL (UK 24 apparently) trousers, but they were too small on everything but my knees & ankles.

This is the item I'm really pissed about though.... look how massive it is on the model! It is huge, so I thought I'd be safe with it at a size 2XL (3XL wasn't available) and the last jumpsuit I got from Forever 21+ that looked massive on the model was sized down to 2XL and the fit was perfect on me.
Back to reality.... seriously people, this is supposed to be a UK size 22. Are they fucking kidding me?! How can they advertise a massive oversized jumpsuit and then it's this tight in real life?. 70% of my clothes are a size 22. This item is beyond missleading in the photographs!
Scary picture Just so you can appreciate how tight this was. So the situation is this. Either the jumpsuit was supposed to be more fitted but the model is wearing something that is WAY to big for her, or the style was supposed to be that baggy and your size 22 is actually a size 16 in disguise. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall here. If your UK size 24 is actually more like a 18 then your plus size range is bullshit (take note H&M). If your models are 4 sizes smaller than the clothes they're wearing you are misleading your customers. Big clothes need big models, I genuinely don't understand why this concept is so hard to grasp?!

The reason I'm so angry about this one is that I LOVE IT! I would have kept this for sure if the sizing had been better (The 3XL might just have worked, but still wouldn't look anything like the images on the site) and I'm so sick of the plus size fashion industry and its utter stupidity! How dare they pretend to cater to plus size women and then only go up to standard high street big sizes. That or be so contemptuous of fat girls that they won't use models who fit the clothes!

This is it forever 21, I give up. I'm not even going to attempt shopping with you again because it's too depressing. And to think how excited I was when I found out it was coming to the UK.....


  1. I live in the states I have shopped at forever 21 they do run a bit small usually a size or 2 small
    Im 16-18 us and 22-24uk and sometimes I cant fit in their 3x properly. It is a rare occasion I find something that fits like it should at f21+
    Dorthy perkins just annoys me because I have to size down in their trousers 2 sizes and up to their larges size in dresses usually.
    I wanna scream at plus size shops and say I do not even care what size you call it anymore just be consistent dammit

    1. Agreed! Dorothy Perkins make my favourite jeans, but their dresses seem to be made for short girls with small boobs. When I was younger I used to get all my dresses from DP, don't know what happened to them!

  2. You know, I've been ordering online for my clothes for years and i still can't quite get it right. The clothes are either too small or too large. i try to make it work, because the idea of wrapping it all up and sending back is just too much work. I do, however, try to go on a site and warn others of how the sizing really is.