Monday, 29 April 2013

Dorothy Perkins denim attack

A few salient points to make before we go on. 
  1. All of the jeans and jeggings I own are from Dorothy Perkins.
  2. I am normally a size 22 in stretchy trousers, but sometimes have to go up to a 24 if the bum / thigh area is tight... I have a big round bottom so trousers can be tricky customers!
  3. This parcel was so heavy that I knew I couldn't drag it home so I had to take these pics at work, sorry they're so crap!
  4. I also apologise for some major camel-toe, I always get this before the denim loosens up!
  5. All of the jeans below are from Dorothy Perkins, and they're all size 22.
  6. I am obviously going to be honest if the jeans are shit, but the one thing Dorothy Perkins does better than any other retailers that go up to size 22 (in my experience) is ankles. Their jeggings and skinny jeans are always nice and fitted on the ankle even at the bigger end of the range. Everywhere else I've tried always make ankles too big, as if my massive thighs mean I've got elephant ankles!

First up, Black Eden capri jeggings. I have noticed DP jeggings changing over the last year or so. They are definitely not as generous in the bottom area anymore. These will certainly stretch out a bit though so I'm not really worried. I love these, and what a prefect length!
These Eden ultra soft jeggings are a really nice plain dark bright blue. For some reason they're tighter than the other pull on jeggings, and quite a bit longer. They're also the colour I wanted most so I'm going to try them on again at home and work out whether to keep them or not! I could probably do with a long pair as all my others are ankle-biters!
Eden mid-wash jeggings are so soft and comfy, fit really well too. Not sure the in-between colour is for me, but I'm thinking about them 'cause they're so easy to wear!
Couldn't get these studded superskinnies over my bum, let alone do them up! Super skinny because they're a size smaller than usual?! Very small on the ankle though for you girls who want a spray-on look!
I didn't think I'd go for theses Eden bleach washed jeggings, but I've fallen in love with them. I haven't had jeans this pale for years, I'm excited!
I think bum-wise these are the best fitting of the lot. Soooo comfy too!
Errr.... these mid washed 'HIGH WAIST' jeggings are the smallest and most hipster style of the batch! High waist my ass (which as you can see is hanging out of them for everyone to see!). Nope. Sorry DP, these are crap!

All in all that's not too bad going.... there is a possibility that I'll end up with 3 pairs of jeans from this order. Even if i'm strict with myself I'll still end up with 2 pairs, and that's pretty good going for a body shape so unfriendly to jeans!


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