Monday, 15 April 2013

Pop Art

One of the perks of my job is that I sometimes get to go to exhibitions early in the morning before the museum / gallery opens. Today I went to Tate modern to see the Lichtenstein exhibition. A lovely day for it! I wore my new pop art dress from new look inspire (sadly sold out now) with my super molded Crocs (here in silver or brown) and although you can't see it here, a red mac - first spring jacket I've worn this year, hooray!

This being the Tate and all, they of course had some great merchandise for this exhibition including books, cushions & even beer with Lichtenstein prints on. Of course I'm more interested in clothes and accessories!
A £50 silk scarf for the discerning pop art fan...
A £25 t-shirt for the funky monkey (I'm already regretting not buying this, might have to make an online purchase!)....

A £12.50 shopper for the cool kids. I wanted to spend lots of money but had to get back to work! Check out the Tate's special Lichtenstein page here if you want to buy anything.

Already thinking about what to wear to Bowie next week!


  1. A great dress, and perfect to go to the Lichtenstien exhibition in!

  2. heyy just asking.. you wouldn't sell your Lichtenstein Bag? I am surching for that one since hours cause my GF has lost hers and I'm not able to buy it anywhere...