Friday, 12 April 2013


You guys know how much I love ASOS Curve, (I think half my wardrobe may be from there now!) but I am so pissed about this dress. I waited so long for this to go on sale so I could get it for a decent price, and when it arrived I was bloody outraged!
The dress in the picture is lovely isn't it? I excitedly ordered it in my normal size 22. tried it last night. In real life? WTF?!
NOT THE SAME DRESS.... AGAIN! Lets run through the description on the site shall we?

ASOS CURVE Midi Dress in Wallpaper Print... No it isn't. It comes to above my knees, and I am considerably shorter than thier model.

Made from a soft jersey fabric - No it isn't. This is a shell like fabric with absolutely no stretch! I know Jersey can be made of many things, but it ALWAYS has stretch, so this is not jersey.

High waisted design - Not it isn't. Most waists on Asos regular dresses hit me under the boobs because I have a long body. This dress may be the first ever curve dress to hit me bang on my waist!  

The neck is different to the pictures too. 

 See how short this 'midi' dress is?! You may remember how ANGRY I got about the geo print dress I bought (post here) when it arrived and was considerably different to the image on the website (which still hasn't been changed despite me going on and on about it & them saying the picture would be changed. ASOS IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO MISLEAD YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS. Trading standards for christs sake! 

Personally this dress is now going back because I wanted what I saw on the site (a jersey midi), but if you like the shorter version then I should warn you to size up, as it's not stretchy and the bust / arms are very tight.

 Okay, onto something more cheerful....

 New look inspire pop art dress was a success, and I'll wear it to the private view of the Lichtenstein exhibition on Monday morning (not with white undies though obviously!). This is a size 22 - tight but as it's bodycon that's fine. This seems to have sold out now I'm afraid.


  1. That is shocking!

    I've been lusting over that dress for ages but jesus, you'd think if you ordered it, you'd get the one you actually wanted! Do they think we won't notice or something??!!

    LOVE the New Look dress though!


  2. No way in hell its the same dress! same print and thats about it. Im an ASOS curve lover too but for me even just the length is a crap shoot compared to the model pics and videos.

  3. Wow, that is shocking, those two dresses share a pattern and absolutely nothing else. I think the nicest thing about the asos picture is the high waist and pleats, which seem to be entirely missing from the actual dress.

    I just bought and blogged about that New Look dress, it is awesome!

  4. This happens all the bloody time with asos. Particularly with lengths. I really love them and shop there all the time but I'm getting so sick of sending things back because they don't look anything like the photo's on the site. Other shop seem to manage to put their sample dresses into production without completely changing them, so why do I keep getting this with asos?! YAWN! Cuffed with the new look dress though - exactly like it is on the site!

  5. I've also been tempted by this dress, so thanks for the review. I wish Asos would have reviews on their website. The print is pretty on you!

  6. I loved that wallpaper print dress the minute I saw it on the site and am SO GLAD I saw your review before I bought it. What a disappointment! The New Look dress on the other hand- win, win, WIN!

  7. I just got this dress in the post today and after trying it on I was so disgusted I came looking for a blog pst that may have discussed it. So wish I had gone looking for your blog BEFORE I bought. I am tall, got the size 26. The skirt comes to about 6 inches above my knees. Definitely not appropriate workwear especially for a 43 year old fat girl! I tried it again with black tights and it looks better but still not great. Also it's about 2 sizes too small. I'm a sewer so could take it in at the arms and waist but I'm wondering that even with the lack of jersey fabric (I mean WTF?!?!) I might be just making it even shorter by bringing the armholes up.

    I quite like the neckline though - better than the advertised one.

    Well think about what to do. I will definitely be sending them a terse note. And I will NEVER shop with them again!

    1. The problem I have is that ASOS is without a shadow of a doubt the most fashionable & best value plus size range available, so I can't boycott them! I always blog / tweet my complaints when I have this problem though, in the hope that eventually it will sink in and they change their ways!

    2. I meant to type that it was two sizes too BIG! Good for you complaining via social media. I think this whole incident has just made me more determined to sew more of my own clothes.

  8. I just got this dress, too. Same story! Completely different dress. The print is the same and that's it. Not jersey fabric, completely different neck line, different waist line, and way above my knee. After being cranky about it for a while, I was able to make peace with it, but still. Had I known what I was in for, I wouldn't have ordered it. My only consolation is that I got in on sale. Sigh. I was just trying to live out my Rhoda Morgenstern fantasy, man!

  9. So glad I saw this - I've just emailed ASOS asking what dress will I receive - the one in their picture of the one on yours!