Saturday, 20 April 2013

Yay or nay

I made a massive asos order last week, because asos 'here to help' kindly gave me a 10% off discount code after I complained about the 'midi' dress that turned out to be a mini dress! Thought I'd try their trousers. I've never ordered asos curve trousers before......

 I thought it would be sensible to size up in trousers, as the pair above had little stretch and the pair below had no stretch.
Couldn't even do the size 24 up. and look how big they are at the ankle, and how long they are compared to the model. Nope, no good at all!

Bummer! I would have loved these (although a bit wide at the ankle again!). No stretch size 24, no way near getting these done up, and my bum was totally squished. No no no!
These are the cheap & cheerful jersey peg legs in size 22. I feel odd wearing trousers that are so flimsy (and a bit see-through in certain lights!) but they really are quite nice, and of course super comfy. Keeping these, wearing them as I type in fact!

Now on to the tops!
Size 22. 
Too clingy! I do love shiny things, and actually really like the fabric, but it's too tight on my belly so I'm not keeping it.
Size 22. I just feel very uncomfortable in this top. It's lovely on the model, and is the same top in real life, but it's just not for me. Tried it with a belt but without a proper waist it just looks silly!
I think it's the arms holes that I don't like - when my arms are down they sit in a position that irritates me and rubs. Oh well, as you'll see in my next post I bought a ton of tops from Primark today so I'll get over it!
Ending on a high note, I got this cute jersey (yes, it really is jersey this time!) dress, which I love. My flash makes it look lighter than it is. Dunno why ASOS call it a midi when it's just above the knee on the model and around about knee length on me - you'd have to have extreamly short legs for this to be a midi! Anyway, even thought this is a size 22, the belt doesn't fit me (surprise!). I wasn't sure when I first put this on, but I love it in the pictures so I'm keeping it! I bet the black version would look awesome, but as I already have so many black dresses I thought I'd go for 'beet red'! Available here!


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