Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Another batch of ASOS (and some)

I'll keep this short and sweet lovely ladies....
I always wanted to try this dress. If it had been t-shirt material to match the boxy t-shirt shape I'd probably have liked it, as then it would have stretched to accommodate my bum and would have been more comfortable. This is a shell like material, and I found it really restrictive even though I sized up to a 24. It's cute, but it's tight on all the areas I don't want tightness (bum, belly & arms!). Maybe if it stays in the sale for a while I'll just get the 26 and wear it oversized?! I do adore the colour & print so it might be worth it!
This top is from the standard ASOS range (size 18). I saw the print and thought I might be able to get into a size 18 because of the shape. I was right, it's massive! I accepted that the neck wouldn't work on me (it chokes me in fact!) but....
.... as I don't much like the way the seam runs right down the centre I have plans to change it up, into a bandeau or one shoulder top.... I thought it would look cool tucked into my Domino Dollhouse pencil skirt with galaxy print pockets so I'm keeping it.

I've finally got this cute hair brooch too. Will show you it when I wear it!

I wasn't sure about this dress at first, because I felt shitty yesterday and thought it looked a bit frumpy (I know the shoes don't help!). This a size 22. I'd say it's true to size, but the arms are strangely long - I really don't mind that at all, I'm always over the moon to find any dresses with full length sleeves! What else? the waist is quite high and the skirt is very gathered. It looks rubbish with a belt (on me anyway!) so I think it needs to be worn as it comes, nice and simple. My camera flahs makes it look at little bit paler than it actually is btw.
When I looked at the pictures I started to like it. It's so very summery and quaint. It is also (unlike the last 'jersey midi' dress I ordered from curve!) soft stretchy jersey and is a good midi length. I'll probably wear it this week... with appropriate shoes and a better attitude!
The print is described as 'pixulated floral' but that's a crap description. It's not pixulated at all, I think this is more like tapestry.... up close it really is a lovely original print. Reminds me of old carpet bags and curtains, but it's soft and flowing.
I got bored waiting for my bus last night so I wondered into H&M and wandered out with this vest top, a holographic glasses case and a little holographic bag (which matches my daps!).

As per usual I can't find any of this stuff on the H&M website so I can't give you links, but I was rather chuffed with my goodies! 


  1. That asos straight size top is lovely. I'm very tempted by it now. Love the holographic accessories too. Shame about that first dress, I sort of assumed it was t-shirt material, it'd be perfect if it was.

    1. I'm not sure they should be allowed to call it 't-shirt' if it's got no give... confuses people like me!