Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A turn up for the books

I've written this on my phone so lord knows what order the pics will be in!

I can't believe what happened today. Not only did I find a perfectly fitted short denim jacket, but I also bought some things from the h&m plus range. It has literally been years since I liked anything from bib (or whatever they call it now!), so I was really happy to see that they seem to be attempting to improve the range. The trousers I got were typical old crazy bib sizing... I'm in size 28, 3 sizes bigger than I should be and they're tight, which is probably why they're on sale for £7! I loved them instantly.  For one thing they're bright blue (colbolt? Can't spell!), they're really long and they're wide wide wide. Terrible picture of them, much better in real life.

The dress is £9.99, and I'm hoping it's a sign of change regarding h&m plus sizing. I tried the 3xl in store and it was massive. It comes with a tie belt but it looks just as nice without it. I bought the 2xl instead (I wanted it oversized) and now I have a nice baggy t-shirt dress in stretch fabric for less than 1/2 the price the pink one from asos would have cost me! Winner. There were a few things thay caught my eye so maybe it's time to give h&m plus another look.

Now then,  denim jacket.....

This looked good on new look's site, but looked crap on the model on the asos site. All things considered i thought it would be wise to go and try it because I haven't found a denim jacket that fits me properly or suits me since I was about 18,  and new look jackets are so often too small for my arms. Joy of joy, size 22 fit like a glove! I am so in love! Oddly the 22 in dark denim didn't fit anywhere near as well, and the colour looked shit on me. Looks like whats been missing in my life is bleached denim! Some facts for you - the denim is thin with a tiny bit of stretch to it. The arms are tight in a good way and its only £19.99!

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