Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jumping for joy!

I love jumpsuits. I seriously would not have said that 5 years ago.... it's possible that jumpsuits are better designed with big women in mind nowadays, but it's probably because I'm at the height of my confidence clothes-wise too. I've always been a sort of 'I'll wear what I want' kind of gal, but in the last few years I've wanted to wear things that I just wouldn't of considered a few years ago. Bodycon dresses are a good example of this change, but I would have struggled to get a bodycon dress in my size a few years back, and my size 22 body in a size 18 bodycon dress is not a look I like! I guess jumpsuits are the same really, they suddenly came into fashion so plus size retailers had to start making them, and I had to start loving them! I have quite a few (you'll see them all this summer I'm sure!) because I feel strangely comfy in an all-in-one. I tend to think that because of my odd double belly that trousers with a top attached is actually more flattering than two separate pieces. It's certainly easier to put outfits together when it's all in one, and it's trousers so no chafing! What I'm getting at is that when it gets really hot I'm most comfortable in a lightweight jumpsuit, because I have to wear shorts under my dresses to prevent chub rub, and I walk too much nowadays to use any kind of cream (I can't be reapplying it on the tube!). I love my jumpsuits and I don't care who knows it!

Here is my joyous face, depicting my excitement about my new jumpsuit. You may remember last year my disappointment at the asos curve jumpsuit with the green crossover neck and black trousers (post here). I really loved how smart it was, but I couldn't sit down in it, even after sizing up so I had to send it away... wah wah! Today it was wiped from my memory by this...
.... I may not look excited but I am! This jumpsuit is from George and cost £18 (here). I feel a bit Joan Collins in this, like I could make a scathing remark to an enemy while drinking Cinzano, and then just walk away with a wicked grin on my face!
My flash doesn't really show up the details but you can see how full the plazzo pants are, and the elasticated ruching across the waistband. Nice messy paint stroke vibes to the bodice which I love too.
It's not at all stretchy (apart from the waistband) so I was sure I wouldn't get into the size 22, but once I got the hang of pulling it right up and going through the left arm first etc its actually okay to get in and out of, and fits like a dream!
I still think it's odd that it has no zips or buttons for getting in and out, but I guess it makes it softer and more comfy!
For me it's perfect because the legs are nice and long, and the body is exactly the right length - not so short that it goes up my lady-bits, but not so loose that the top of my thighs chafe  Lovely wide plazzo pants... it makes me feel LIKE A BOSS! This will be a dream when it gets hot again... I'm gonna wear it with my lightweight blazer and take charge!

Basically I recommend it! Can't wait to break out all my other jumpsuits, I hope to see some of you guys frolicking in them too!


  1. I would never in a million years have ever thought about wearing a jumpsuit but after seeing you, I'm def gonna look out for this one. Absolutely amazing! YOU LOOK LIKE A BOSS!!


    1. Inspiring people to try clothes they wouldn't normally makes me more happy than you could know! Thanks so much for the message, I really hope you give jumpsuits a whirl, they're really quite delicious!

  2. Love the jumpsuit on you.
    This style looks particularly awesome with the patterned top and the wide leg pants.

    1. I always feel really grown up in plazzo pants! Hoping the sunshine will last so I can wear it to work this / next week!