Thursday, 2 May 2013

In your face!

I just couldn't wait to show you guys the dresses I got in the post today, I had to write a super quick post!
I'm sure you've seen many bloggers in the dress so it may not be exciting for you, but it is very exciting for me! Sometimes you just see a dress and think 'yep... that's me!' and that is what I thought when I saw this Anna Scholz for Simply Be dress. I also felt it when I saw the leopard print dress from the last collection and the palm print kimono dress from the one before that. I  knew I had to have them. My only problem is the pricetag. I'm happy to pay premium prices for Anna's designer label (although the most I've spent is £120, 'cause you know I wait for a good sale!), but I only buy the Simply Be range when I can get a good deal on it. Lets just be 100% honest here, Anna is an amazing designer so the dresses look amazing, but this just can't compare to her designer range in terms of quality of fabric and finish. Bearing in mind that I've managed to get quite a few of her designer dresses for under £60 in the sales I'm never keen to spend £60-£70 on something that isn't quite as good! Having said all that, this is a nice dress and with the special offer last weekend I got it for £42 - not too impressed with the seams or fabric but it looks absolutely delicious! We were made for each other frankly, and I can't wait to wear it out and about. Still available from Simply be here make sure you use the code HUYU4 to get 30% off!.
Now then, MASSIVE excitement about this little number. It took me all of 30 seconds to put this in my basket after seeing the tweet about the Domino Dollhouse Nuclear Seasons launch.
I'm so in love with this colour palette and pattern. Full length sleeves... JOY OF JOY!
The fabric is quite synthetic and not too clingy, so it's fits the body beautifully - I don't have any kind of shapewear on under this, it's just a beautiful cut!. I got the 2xl btw because I didn't want it to be too tight. Get it here, it's fucking beautiful - and check with Tess Munster for a discount code!. Can't believe it hasn't sold out!