Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New look sale changing room review

 Lets get straight to it! Crap pix I'm afraid. The Oxford Circus new look changing rooms are dreadful (as are the staff I'm sad to say - they seem much happier and more helpful in the marble Arch store for some reason!) the lighting is shite and it's like the tropics in there! Anyway anyway anyway....first up in my sale haul is this boucle jacket. I'm wearing the size 24 and it's pretty well fitted, okay on the arms and looks quite grown up - kind of in the style of old school Chanel Couture but only costs £11!. I just didn't know what I'd wear it with so I didn't keep it! They also have a biker jacket in this fabric.
This is a super cute skirt with a bird print and elasticated waist - I'm wearing a size 22 and it's a great size, but I couldn't keep it because it was really short at the back - I have this problem with skater skirts, my bum is so big they look like a back to front dip-hem! Recommended to ladies with smaller bottoms than me! Sorry sold out online, but they had loads in store!
 These cuffed trousers are a size 24 and are actually too big for me. They're very comfy and have a bit of stretch so go for your normal size I'd say. Personally I think this colour looks rubbish on me so I'm not to sad that they were too big!
 I was really excited to try this AX paris dress, but it's way too short for me. What you can't tell (thanks to my flash) here or on the site is that the shoulders are slightly padded so the shape is really nice. I feel sure I'd put my finger through the intricate cutouts and tear it to shreds within moments though! This is a size 24 and it's pretty tight as you can see. Oh well... hey ho!
 Keeping this biker jacket! Size 24.
 Faux leather so it might make me super sweaty, but I like it so I keep it!
 Oddly this is still full price in the shops, I think it cost me about £14 online!
 Pack of 2 leggings (one black one navy) size 22... lovely! Sorry sold out online!
 I always wanted to try this top (since before Christmas when I put it up on my blog!) but my god it's rubbish in real life. This is the size 26 and it's tight across my bust - ridiculous! Sorry sold out online!
 This waterfall jacket (size 22) might have been nice, I don't know because I couldn't get it over my arms! Sorry sold out online but the black version is here.
 Size 24 trousers, lightweight, no stretch, peg leg.... could have been good, but were SO TIGHT on my calves that I couldn't bend my knees! I just can't find a decent pair of smart black trousers for love-nor-money! Sorry sold out online but loads in store!
Size 24 peplum top... disaster, arms were way too small. Shame, if they had good sized arms I could have sized down to a 22 and it probably would have been a cute top. Sorry sold out online!
Thats it folks. I tried to find the cartoon skirt so I could tell Val how long it is, but they don't have it in store. I did however spy the dress above, a new brightly coloured (much shorter) version of the sold out pop art dress, get it here!. xx

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