Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday girl

So today is just a no makeup, stay at home and make a pie kind of day. Its also a day spent watching parks and recreation with my beloved so I've not even switched on my pc.... hence the terrible pictures! I quite enjoy wearing nice shoes around the house so I've got on my j-shoes. I love thier shoes and these happen to match today's jumpsuit. Not only have I photographed myself without makeup, but also sitting down. One of the problems with bieng fat is the massive rolls that appear when sitting down (and how tight clothes become!). I sort of feel like once you've come to terms with how you look when you look your biggest, you're going to be able to completely accept your body. So here I am, a woman completely at ease in her own fat body!. Terrible light today so its flash or grainy darkness... I went with both!

Jumpsuit is an old one from Very (I think it was a south one) non-stretch size 24 long. Love that it look like a propper old school jumpsuit,  a bit safari-ish!
Shoes j-shoes, cardi primark. Xx

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