Sunday, 5 May 2013


Embracing Londons food obsession as per usual!
I've had this huge zit slap bang in the middle of my chin for weeks, I've not had one like it for years.... I blame the never ending winter we just had, so I'm hoping the sunshine will cure it. I am therefore taking advantage of all local outdoor activities!
 We met up with some friends to eat tasty grub and drink incredibly strong cider.
I genuinely can't work out (scientifically speaking) how you can make a proper sponger cake with creamy butter-cream frosting without using dairy, and still make it taste amazing! Hats off to the Vegan Tart!
Checking the snooker!
Anyway, this is a joyous occasion where some of my outfit is actually still available to buy!
 Sunnies - Primark (current season)
Denim Jacket - New look inspire available here and here
Crocs 'lady' - no longer available, but turn up on ebay!

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