Sunday, 5 May 2013

Celebrity at the airport!

I totally forgot to do my diva Friday post.... this week my Friday outfit was a bit of a classic look that reminded me of the Victoria Beckham's of this world, who arrive at the airport with heels and blazers looking all business-like!
This was 1st thing in the morning before I got my shit together, and I will blame the odd expressions on that!
I love blazers but I rarely find ones that I feel comfortable in (or that really suit me!) and in truth all my favorite blazers are stretchy. I like them tight on the arms because it give a better silhouette  but if they're tight on the arms and not stretchy then they just look and feel odd!

Snap from work to show the lovely way the lining has black inside so I can turn the sleeves up etc. I got this jacket a couple of years ago in TKmaxx (back when they had a proper plus size section!) and I love it 'cause it's a bit unusual! How much do I love my new Dorothy Perkins capri jeggings btw?!
Jacket - Simon Jeffery via TKmaxx
Top - Primark
Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Tracey Neuls 'Ubar' (similar here)

The shoes are Tracey Neuls. I'm not normally a fan of designer shoes because they're so damn uncomfortable and have ENORMOUS heels! But I have a massive soft spot for Tracey Neuls....

.....yes they are super expensive, but the quality is amazing, and they are probably the most comfortable heels I've ever owned. Her designs are generally pretty original too, and I love quirky shoes nearly as much as I love comfort! Basically I wait for the sales like I do with all the designer fetishes I have! When the correct occasion is upon us I will show you my other TN shoes - I call them my white dragons and they're pretty bonkers!

Of course a 'celeb at the airport' look wouldn't be complete without a huge pair of specs, so here are a pair of my Vintage Christian Dior sunnies. I'm selling my other pair here in my blog shop if you want some vintage Dior for yourself!

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