Friday, 31 May 2013

OOTD ROAR... oh and some Simply Be reviewing!

 Leopard print again!
 I'm so happy that it's warm enough to wear all my lightweight cotton printed trousers!
Sadly I've never found a peplum top with sleeves that suits me so I always wear a cardi, but sometimes I just tie it up to make everything a bit more curvy!
New hair dye has come out nicely thank goodness! Swapped from Schwarzkof Live Salon 'Chocolate Brown' to 'Honey Brown' from the same collection. I recommend the salon colours if you have white hairs 'cause they have good coverage. Also leaves hair surprisingly glossy!
 I had little buns today as you can see in the outfit shots. I often wear buns to work when I'm going out in the evening, because when I take them out my hair is a bit wild & wavy, but doesn't require any effort (or even a brush!).
 Cardi - Dorothy Perkins
Top - ASOS Curve
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Crocs
Arrow Necklace - Forever 21

I never got the chance to write the review of my simply be order, but here goes...

Remember I got the lovely Anna Scholz / Simply Be dress in size 22? Well sadly when I put it on to wear for the first time the seams fell to bits! The fabric is very stretchy and it has no zips so you have to put it on over your head.... sadly the thread in the seams is very weak, so pulling it over my boobs was obviously too much for them to handle!
 I sent back the 22 and ordered the 24. Face like a smacked arse eh?! It's just too big. Not so bad from the front....
..... but I really don't like it from the side. the bodice is okay but the skirt is just too big. And here ended my dream of ever owning this lovely dress. We clearly were not meant to be an item :(
Also in my order was the galaxy print maxi dress. I know, I know, you've seen it a million times on a million bloggers, but I resisted it for ages (despite having a bit of a galaxy obsession!) and when it was reduced to 30-odd quid and I had 20% off on top I thought fuck it! I won't be able to out-style Val from Blog to be Alive because she had holographic high-heels on and looked bloody amazing, but I'll wear it this weekend and show you how I style it up anyway!
For some reason I thought this was going to be a sort of shiny fabric so I sized up to a 24. It's actually a thin but firm jersey, but good job I got the 24 because the 22 would have been way too tight on my bust - this ones a bit tight to be honest, but it'll stretch out soon enough!
I've been looking at this dress since it first came out and really wanted someone to review it so I could get an honest opinion... nobody ever did, so when they reduced it to £20 (£16 for me with the discount code!) I thought I'd go for it.
It's pretty much the same dress as the shoe & handbag print one I'm selling on my blog shop, but the fabric is a bit more sturdy and I'm more comfortable with the colour / print! Good trade off I think! Size 22 and it's a prefect fit.
The last things I ordered were the Gok polka dot body shapers (I got this one and the coral coloured one) which I'm head-over-heels in love with. I am certainly going to try and wear them as outerwear because they're so cool! The band is quite tight (as any form of optional strapless items tend to be!) but my normal bra size is the perfect fit. The body is really stretchy and only gives very lightweight shaping which is perfect for me (I don't like to feel too restricted!).

I'm out and about this weekend so I'll be back with (WARM WEATHER!) weekend outfits ASAP!


  1. Love those leopard trousers! Shame about the Anna Scholz dress.

  2. I love the Gok Polka dot body shaper, sadly they don't do in mu Boob size :(